what's the difference between

I'm a new c++.
1. I don't know gcc, mingw, what's the difference, are these two different things?
when I dowload mingw, I need to set the variable pah, but I dowload gcc from :http://www.equation.com/servlet/equation.cmd?fa=fortran, I dno't need to set the variable . Why??

2. when set the mingw path:
C:\MinGW\MSYS\1.0\local\bin, C:\MinGW\MSYS\1.0\bin

what's the function ? have to set them both or any one of them or none all them?
1. mingw is this http://www.mingw.org/ it includes gcc

you need to set the path so that the console is able to find the command.

2. MSYS simulates a linux environment (the way how pathes are treated).
It's sometimes necessary to execute batches under windows which are aimed for linux (to a certain extend)
gcc and mingw are program translators and are free.They translates programs into a language your computer understands:a stream of zero and one.

Don't say 'I am a new c++'.say 'I'm new to C++'

Quoting wikipedia:
MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows), formerly mingw32, is a native software port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and GNU Binutils for use in the development of native Microsoft Windows applications

the use of 'port'implies that probably GCC is for linux systems, mingw is for windows systems
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Don't say 'I am a new c++'
There is only ONE new C++. C++11 :P
And if you want to claim to be 'C++11', say 'I am THE new C++'
Don't say 'I am a new c++'.say 'I'm new to C++'

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