Passing Parameters To Function Called By Start Thread

I have a function uci()

it works when it is initiated in a thread with the following commmand:

Thread^ newThread = gcnew Thread( gcnew ThreadStart(&uci));

However, when I require uci() to receive a parameter say uci(class * cPointer),
it fails.
Your question should belong to the "Windows Programming" section as it is about use of C++/CLI.

I am not very familiar with C++/CLI, but looking at the API reference, you would want to use the ParameterizedThreadStart delegate instead, then pass your argument to the Thread::Start method.
Alright. I guess this is Windows specific, so how do I implement threading that would work in all platforms? And How do I pass the variables?
Take a look at boost:

C++11 also has thread support
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