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If anyone is looking to improve on their coding in c++, then please let me know. I'm tutoring students $8.00 per hour and willing ot working on their schedule. I have a completed my fundementals of C++ course and have a good understanding of that subject. Ask me anything and I promise I will not leave you without making sure you understand the materials...

I know everything about arrays, data types, static conversions, control structures, string functions, void functions, etc...

When should I convert a function pointer to another type?
Avilius wrote:
When should I convert a function pointer to another type?
Bleh, it was a trick question for him. :/
I forgot to mention serious inquirers only ;)
Yea, sorry about that. I was just trying to pop a question at you to see if you would answer it right.

Pretty much for your own good.
void functions, etc...

What does this even mean? Saying that makes me think you don't actually know very much. :/
I think same with firedraco :D People can read about this stuff from books or internet, what someone wants from a tutor is experience. I dont try to make you look bad, I just want to help you cuz it looks you need money but try to get some experience to be more helpful. Good Luck!
Thank you senhor for your kindly message. Honestly, I wrote this post in a fast possible way and there seems to be lack of clarification from my side. Apologies from my side. Meanwhile, I just want to say I'm more into helping those students out with writing codes . Also, I'm talking about basics of c++ from what I have learned. Not some advance topics which I have yet to learn too. Yes, I do not have experience, but I do feel confident in teaching and have in fact been working every questions from my book during the winter break which I have solved all of them :) Also, I'm willing to lower the hourly rate...

i need a c++ tutor that could help me write codes for my assignments let me know ASAP if your available.
Kindly can you let me have your availability for 1:1 tutoring over the coming 2/3 weeks in central London. Please PM me to discuss further.
Gio, would be glad to help you on that. Can you PM me so we can discuss on more details...timings, days, etc...
I need a c++ tutor asap. I need help!!!!!!!!!!
I have a project due on Friday and I don't know what I am doing.
Please help.
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