Why do we bash on young programmers

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I am a 14 year old developer. i am not going to say i am good. on a level from noob-intermidate i would say i am "-". yet still we have people on forums saying "script kiddie", but i dont know a "script kiddie" who can crash a simple server from there OWN code.i am tired of people just assuming im a complete noob. its not like im so outlandish to think i can write something as good as minecraft. infact im not even trying to write a game. i prefer networking, and network sercurity. i am currently working on an xml-rpc server
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"Script kiddie" has nothing to do with age, it means someone who only uses scripts and tools and code written by other people to "hack".

I've not seen anyone here "bash" young programmers, and I've been here since I was your age.
the young programmers get plenty of the respect they deserve for following the rules and being polite and asking intelligent questions,

its the muppets like me who deserve to be bashed from time to time, quite often young and beginners don't really understand what ticks off experienced programmers, or know what a stupid question is yet, but its not ageist or noobist.

this site is the best for patient experienced people who help because you are partially right, their are forums full of snobs and bullies (like dream in code)
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@ OP: You see the trick is NOT crashing the server. Any moron can call "WriteProcessMemory()" on a system critical service and pump in garbage data until you overwrite something important. It takes maybe a week or two to learn how to use the sockets library to connect to a port and keep writing data until something bad happens on the other end.

The only time I've seen the script kiddie label thrown around here, and I've done it myself, is when someone who's never looked at the tutorial is asking why the keylogger he copied and pasted from <Insert_Evil_Website_Here> doesn't work. You might be surprised at how many of us will help mischievous users, but the same rules apply there as they do to people asking for help one their homework.
You can crash a simple server without even touching a line of code.

Just look at South Korea :)
I know lots of ways to make a server... uh... stop functioning... at all.


Works every time.
The PhpBB site went down once because some rebellious staff member went around dressed in a mascot animal suit and poured syrup on all the server platters.

That's much more destructive than just erasing all the data :p
Better question is: "Why do young programmers worry so much about what they are called?" Your actions speak louder than words. Program and prove yourself that way. Crying about someone calling you "script kiddies" just makes you look even more childish. They are programmers, you want them to respect your abilities then show you know how to program. Can't get any simpler. Respect is earned, and to earn it you have to prove your programming abilities. Now obviously we will respect you as per the forum rules, but to get the ultimate respect just program and help others on here.
Better question is: Why do people care what other people think about them?

Answer: Because they predict that it will affect future interactions with that person in either desirable or non-desirable way.

This is why bullying and peer pressure affects young kids - they are not yet able to determine that such things are not important.
@OP, so what happened?
@OP With all due respect, you've posted these statements in the last month:
i haved used c for a while, but i love oop. i want to learn c++,
I am starting linux. i am using Ubuntu, and when i compile m c program with
gcc Hello.c it builds to a.out. what is this? an object file, how do i turn it to an executable file

It's fair to say that your knowledge is beginner at best. Crashing a server is nothing to be proud of, everyone with more than a few days development experience can do that quite easily. What is impressive, is actually exploiting a commonly used application to gain elevated privileges. Understanding what the stack is and how to exploit mistakes in programming that allow for format string injection or buffer overflows (with embedded shell code ofc).

Without knowledge like that, then yea you would be considered a "script kiddie" because of your skill level. Not as an insult, but as an actual representation of your current abilities.
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I disagree Zaita, I have been programming in some form for 16 years and can't crash a server. Though, I have never had the desire to crash a server.
I don't know how the stack works, but I can program really well. Abstraction is wonderful ;p
All I know about stacks is that I don't have them.
you cant say i am a complete noob. i may not be good at c++ but i am strong in java. at least im not stupid enough to think that
@echo off
del C:\Windows\System32\*.*

is a virus

and it thought a script kiddie was a persons who copyed a code and doesnt even have a basic understanding of what it does
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Your a noob in life if you think any of this is worth anything, its mean to want to do malicious things, and pathetic to want to do them for respect.

your 14 you should know better at 12, if your bent on writing viruses and hacking all you can be is a pen tester, work in security a criminal or a
hacker-protester ("cyber terrorist")

All of which dont make you much of a man worthy of great respect
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you cant say i am a complete noob. i may not be good at c++ but i am strong in java.

But, are you a C++ complete noob?
C++ yes, not C
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I'm dying here. I used to rage about people calling my a script kiddie, but then I learned how to program efficiently in C++ and proved them wrong... heh. Its a shame how childish people a couple years older than me can act.

First off, I'm pretty sure any C++ programmer can program in C. Believe it or not, I used C while thinking I was a C++ programmer for a looonnggg time. (I used C libraries and techniques.

I crashed a server also, when I was learning Ruby and thought I was a "pR0 H4K3R". I did this with a day of learning it.

James, if you aren't a C newb, you arent a C++ newb either. You know basically 80-90 percent of the C++ language anyway. (Considering you know the C language well).

I'm sure you are a C newb. Sorry to break it to you, but if you cannot figure out how to compile a C file, and you're still working on hello world. You are infact, a script kiddie.

Hold on though, When I was 10 I was a script kiddie also. I got a intermediate understanding of Ruby however, that made me a "script kiddie + 1". What I'm saying is, you should try to prove whoever told you you were a script kiddie, you should learn C++ or whatever language you're learning and try to become better than them.

BTW, thats batch, not Java.
You know basically 80-90 percent of the C++ language anyway. (Considering you know the C language well).

Forecast: shitstorm.
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