I broke the internet?

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According to @Yehowahy, I broke the internet.
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Seeing what gets posted on youtube comments and what usually gets upvoted I'd say you are within the ballpark.
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Yep! What she said, joking man what xerzi.

Besides how can you break the internet physically or cyber. Because you need to DDOS or DOS all internet to get it offline and some parts of servers are protected by police physically so both are not possible.
@SpaceWorm: lol, you made that look really realistic, for a moment I actually thought you were being serious.
Never Google "Google" on Google, you will break the internet and maybe even create a black hole.
I used the https version of Google so I was able to do it safely.
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Https isn't safe, it merely means only trusted companies can decrypt them, ie your service provider. At least it doesn't work the way you would think it would work to truly be secure, as in only your target destination would be able to see what you sent them.
Sorry, the only thing this thread has done for me is put "I shot the sheriff" in my head...
I have no idea how you got that out of this, Duoas.
Me either, but a chorus of "I broke the interneeeet!" keeps running through my head.
Besides how can you break the internet physically or cyber

Shut down all root and TLD DNS servers. That'll do some damage.
Shut down all root and TLD DNS servers

Not if you know google's ip address
Didn't say it would shut it down entirely. But any service that relies on DNS would be broken. Which would be a lot.
The problem is they are both highly protected so it is not possible even with the best Black-Hats.
It is definitely possible. Just unlikely.
Well same thing right? lol.

It is very unlikely cuz by now there would be multiple attacks there so technically both are right.
No technically it is possible. Impossible != unlikely. There just isn't much use to it. What gain does anyone have from essentially taking down the Internet? It would be an absurd amount of work, coordination between many people, and money for no benefit other than some fame I guess. And then jail for a very long time.
Then it is like saying why do some hackers hack into websites and just deface it rather than steal anything
Because they don't want to steal anything?
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