Important C++ for future game programmer

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You should be fine just head on over to a popular game development forum like and join the community. After a while some artist might be interested in joining you for a game.

Or start working on a basic framework for a game you want to develop and just use whatever graphics you can get as a placeholder. Then get all the basic game logic worked out for you game and make a general prototype of your game with crappy graphics (I have made some with just circles and other shapes running around ;p), just make sure it shows what your game is about and stuff like that.

Once you get that running you can post the demo and start looking for a artist. It doesn't matter if the graphics are crap as long as it runs and you have something to show the artist you are serious about it. You most likely will find some people that would love to make models/sprites, maps, ect for the game.
Zereo established that it is not necessary to be a good artist, since you would most likely be working alongside people who specialise in that field only.

For the actual 'realism' side of things, it depends what type of game you want to implement. As a starter, it doesn't matter too much what the game looks like at all (you're probably not going to try and recreate the next cryengine single handed).

What you should be concerned about is how you are going to manage your hardware resources (RAM, CPU cache, ect.) and if the actual game logic is sufficient.

Actually, for starters, I think it is nice to start of using an existing game library to get the hang of things.
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@Zereo Thanks for the advice :)
One more question (hopefully) before I stop derailing the thread. Would I be able to do games with (what I think are) isometric view in SFML? If so, anything extra I would need to know? or would it be the same, except having four sides of certain objects?
(The view I am referring to is the one in the game "Arcane Legends")
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Yes you can do it in SFML though there is a pretty big difference in math going from pure 2D to isometric. Here is something that might interest you that I read awhile back.

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Well I do the graphics and programming. I think it's worth it to look up a few sprite tutorials or just to make some shapes up in MS Paint and add stuff to it.
Isn't that Lua?
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Is what lua?

And yes some people are gifted in both artistic abilities and programming abilities but it is unusual. Also even if they are gifted in both they usually team up with someone else because doing both the artwork and the programming would be a huge workload and would result in a much longer dev time.
The scripting language?
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What scripting language? I'm totally confused.
I said that the game is written in Lua and now I'm confused.
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Ohh the Isometric map from that tutorial/article? No that is in mainly C++/SFML though it does have Lua in it to demonstrate the map though the SFML/ C++ code is doing all the heavy lifting.

It is much easier to write some components in a scripting language then in C++.
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I see. Explain what's different?
Hey, I just checked the post (OP). Thanks for the advice everyone, I am good on math (taking Advanced Math III next year, sophomore year, and AP Calc the next), I meant more on programming directly (specific topics) and getting a job. I already know a good amount of C++ and have started a couple games, though stopping because my graphics designer (a friend) quit on me. @NGen, though I was hoping to go indie at some point I wanted to work for a more established company first. Is there any good way to get into ANY game development company without contacts? I certainly don't have any.
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Is there any good way to get into ANY game development company without contacts? I certainly don't have any.
Be smart with your interviewing, I suppose. I don't know of any stories for someone getting in without any contacts (which doesn't mean much since I don't know many in general) and so I can't say "do A, B, and C." Having a degree will get you past the automated HR department and having an online portfolio might get you an interview.

I'll also mention that Github has become a place for professional review; I've got my Github account linked to on my LinkedIn account's description. (They used to have integration between the two, but I think they dropped support for it.) Everyone that takes a look at my profile can see my programming activity, various projects, and the code I've written through that link. A Github account and a portfolio aren't mutually exclusive; have your portfolio linked to your Github projects and also link to your Github account wherever you can. It's better to see what you can actually do and what your code is like than reading your experience on a resume. Sadly, it doesn't always come down to that if the automated recruiting software kicks you out for not having a degree.

Make some games, save some money and go to PAX, go to GDC, etc. These are places where you can meet plenty of other people in the game development industry. Expensive, but from what I've heard it's worth it.
Is there any good way to get into ANY game development company without contacts? I certainly don't have any.

Yeah, if you have no contacts and you can't get in at a dev level (programmer/artist/etc) start in the mail room. One of the leads at Criterion Games for Burnout Paradise (can't remember if it was a programmer or artist) started out in the mail room sorting the mail they received.
A bit late to chime in but I just wanted to note this on the maths front:

If you're writing a visual based game and not using vectors or matrices then you're game is either exceedingly simple or you're doing it wrong.
I will write a quick FPS later for you...
Realize though, that will be a little later, I am quite busy.
Mitch wrote:
I will write a quick FPS later for you...

You must be a programming master to crank all that code out in a day.

EDIT: Added some words to make what I'm saying more clear.
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It's really not that much... (:
I will write it soon enough.

Random map generation is a must!
It might take two days though (I better start now).
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