Anyone from India? :)

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Just curious :)
there have been several threads from Indians that used Turbo C for educational purposes

PS: ¿is Indian the appropriate word?
Yes. Indians are from India.

Are you thinking that Indian is an offensive term like it is when applied to Native Americans? It's only considered offensive then because Native Americans are not Indians. IIRC they're the descendants of people from eastern Siberia, China and Mongolia people who crossed the Bering Strait when it was an ice bridge a few hundred or thousand years ago.
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GFs backround is from india, she will be my x soon, might do a sad winy cheer me up thread in a few weeks/days

EDIT: wait its bangladesh,still an oddity as she speaks devonian and welsh
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Off topic: @chrisname They did not cross a ice bridge. The ocean froze and it became dry land. ;)
Cubes of dry land are very refreshing in your drink.
retsgorf297 wrote:
Off topic: @chrisname They did not cross a ice bridge. The ocean froze and it became dry land. ;)
The cognitive dissonance in this sentence is very strong.
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i would just like to say that native americans shouldnt be called indians at all. would you guys like a history lesson or are we all familiar with christopher columbus' quest to get to india?
Alas, the kids never play cowboys and native Americans. I'm afraid the misnomer that stuck won't soon un-stick itself.
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Alas, the kids never play cowboys and native Americans.
you never played that?
H means that the commonly known phrase is "Cowbows and Indians" instead of "Cowbows and Native Americans".
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i know. i was being sarcastic. hes sadly right. christophers carelessness has caused history to teach us a bad mistake

I would love one. Err... I think.

At my college, there's a shit ton of Indians in the Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors (I know they're Indian because I've talked to them).
> Anyone from India?

Yes, I'm from Kerala.
I'm from New Delhi.
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Off topic again: @LB I meant the water froze which caused the water to condense down, so it was dry land.
Pretty sure most people wouldn't consider ice to be "dry" or "land".
I don't know what retsgorf is talking about with water freezing and becoming land, but I did read earlier that it was in fact a land bridge and not an ice bridge as I had previously thought. I think it had less to do with earth mages transmuting ice into rock than plate tectonics, though.
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I will still insist that ice is seldom considered dry land :)
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