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Android programing, Its like Java just inside out, has anyone come to terms with it? please explain how.

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I Would like I diagram that explains how the UI looper and handlers and intents and bundles and fragments are working, its like building a dam in a river delta except your not allowed to reroute the water, im having a hard time threading and handling and communicating from class to class.

EDIT: I had a good idea for a most basic widget too, it picks a random wiki page every two hours :D
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The android dev site has some excellent documentation. I recommend reading it.
I cant read the dev for some reason, I think I have dev blindness.
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I also learned from this:
need a like button, cheers guys.
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You mean like the one here:
XD no i mean i would like to like your comments :P
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Oh, sorry.
I actually physically laughed out loud at that.
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Me too
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hey ummm im not an android programmer, but i found this and remembered the post
idk how good it it
wow sdl on android, how the hell does that work...and I may have to learn how to use git hub too.
Github is great. Go learn it right now
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+1 ResidentBiscuit's post
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And even more importantly then learning how to use github is learning to use Git itself.
so much I have to learn
This is for you:

Hope you don't mind free online classes, this one starts Jan 6th 2014:

Man has no excuse for lack of knowledge in our present time and age
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That looks promising. Surely, better than the course I did.
Do you know how lessons work? Do you just watch a video or is it more interactive?
I am doing a course now at the coursera website and this course is for c# game development. When the course starts, you get a video on the website that introduces the instructor. Then a syllabus appears and you have your full time table for the duration of the course. Over the weeks you get lecture videos and assignments and so forth. At the end you have a final exam and an official certificate of completion is sent to you if you complete the course with average of 70% or higher.
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