How Did You Decide Your Name

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I was looking at the different names to see the regulars, and notice some I just wondered how you chose.
Didn't we have this thread like a week ago?
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There have been a lot of these threads, but...

I got retsgorf from when I was a little kid. I had a toy frog. I was going to name it Frogster, but I thought that was already used to much so I turned it around to retsgorF. After that, I have used that name for several other things. 297 is just a number I came up with. Also, it is pronounced the normal way you would read the word.

EDIT: @chrisname Yes, we did. I asked it.
EDIT 2: It is here:
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I don,t know I have not gone back very far.
Kissy is my nickname from childhood. No one calls me that anymore though. Not even my parents.
Because I like Japanese art. I do go by the name in life not just on computer.
My came from a random name generator from some other online place. I've stuck with it ever since. I use this name for several different places.
It's my last name, plus 301. i cant quite remember where the 301 came from, but i like it.

i also go by JackMiHoff on certain forums/userbases
It is part of my domain name. How did I come up with it for my domain name? Well I like Dragons and so does everyone else judging by all the Dragon related domain names that are any good had already been taken. The next best thing was Wolves. One of my favorites are the Canadian timber wolf, a subspecies of the Gray Wolf. Gray Wolf sounded good but I wanted it spelt correctly. ;0)
In middle school I once had an argument with a friend about how to pronounce roof. All the way to the library we sounded like a couple of dogs barking at each other.

Turns out both ways are correct.
Am I missing something? How did you get from "roof" to "Duoas"?
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It's a yahoo name. Though, my name is actually "computer" and "quip" combined. It was surprisingly unique across the internet so it just stuck.
Am I missing something? How did you get from "roof" to "Duoas"?

Yes, he was referring to Grey Wolf's post on spelling, at least that's what I caught.

Mine, is because I started learning python and enjoyed coding (you guessed it) scripts and well the rest is pretty obvious.
Some things boost ego better than others.
I don't think you have to worry about Grey Wolf's ego; I've never seen any self-aggrandizement from him.

"Duoas" is a friendlier spelling of Dúthomhas for those who don't read Irish... though, lately I've been considering changing it (to the correct spelling) anyway.
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@Dúthomhas So...What does it mean? I put it in Google Translate, and it couldn't translate it.
My ultimate naming has gone through a lot of iterations in the 17 years I've been programming. When I started in 1995/96 I simply went by vgdesigner on one site. Then after player Steel Harbinger I started calling myself HarbingerX that I built off the Harbinger meaning the bringer and x referring to the mathematical meaning of X being the unknown number in an equation; HarbingerX (bringer of the unknown) because of my interest in game programming. Then a few years later in 2002 or 2003 I became BountyHunterX (a play off Mega Man X being a maverick hunter (basically a bounty hunter in its own way)). Then a few years ago I decided I didn't want HarbingerX or BountyHunterX to be my nick that would possibly become recognized for me. So I incorporated my love of mythology, ghosts, and supernatural while keeping an aspect of BountyHunterX and became BHXSpecter due to specter meaning ghost. Some get technical and bring up the different spelling but I like Specter instead of Spectre. There is one more thing to say, BHXSpecter is actually only part of my full programming persona. As I said, I love supernatural and mythology so while I'm BHXSpecter everywhere, my full persona or nick is BHXSpecter Phoenix. I actually dropped off the BHX on the site and was just Specter Phoenix on there. So there you go, mine means nothing to others, but something to me...and is a mouth full when you look at it BountyHunterX Specter Phoenix (guess everyone should be glad I only go by BHXSpecter). :P
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@Dúthomhas: What if I was answering to OP rather than referring to the gray matter?

@retsgorf297: Train your Search-Fu. Online dictionaries are a legion.
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retsgorf297 wrote:
@Dúthomhas So...What does it mean?
it's an enigma.
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