I started UNI today but check this...no one has done any coding before!!!

So im doing a foundation in computer science but it turns out that no one has done any coding, the first second year guys are barley my equal in coding...im sure their maths and problem solving and ability to write reports is better though, just no one has written code, strange huh?
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Yeah, it is.
Not really. When I started the programming class in a computer engineering course there were a lot of people who couldn't code a thing, and I was one of them.
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He's talking about second year guys...
... who have what as major?
I've actually heard this is quite common. I can't say for your country, but a little while back I was searching all around in colleges and talking to advisers a each one and many of them asked me if I have done any programming, I had, and they were all very surprised it seemed, they said a LOT of the people they talk to about going into programming courses don't even know what it is exactly, and I also downloaded a video of a MIT lecture and I don't exactly remember how many but maybe only 3 or 4 had done code before. So while it is strange, I knew about it.
they seem to think its this crazy advanced thing for geniuses.
Hell, I can't say I blame them, the way the media portrays programming(I know we had a thread a lil while back about this). I had the same idea, and I actually kinda stumbled onto programming, I was doing HTML, and I was going on to javascript, and I got a book from my library about Java, no Javascript. and I was just like, well this should be cooler than web design, so I started doing it
There were five or six of us in my first programming class that were lightyears ahead of the class. The other 22 or so where complete novices. Which is good, because otherwise that class would be a complete and total waste. I was surprised at first but then it occured to me that most of us were 18, and that despite me having plenty of friends in highschool who were interested in a career in comp sci, not many had any experience coding outside of some light javascript/basic/shell scripting.

You are actually the outlier if you live in a similar demographic skew as I.
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