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Visual Studio 2012 doesn't work on XP, which I switch to every so often.
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I figured out what I'm going to use. Orwell Dev-C++. I always liked the look of Dev-C++ but it was completely outdated but with this I'll be able to get a ide with a cool that isn't from the past decade.
Yea, well I already started coding some of the top down card-trading game. (SDL 1.2 and OpenGL).

I'm trying to figure out why my textures are squashed, then I'll edit the code a bit more to be "non-OpenGLer friendly".
What are you talking about Austin J? I find SDL very easy. Do you have any *experience* with it? If not, you're probably basing that on the fact SDL is a C lib, and that's pretty ignorant.

EDIT: I'd also like to go against your "start with SDL 2.0" statement. That's not the best idea, there are no decent 2.0 tutorials. Learn SDL 1.2 from Lazy Foo, once you're comfortable try learning SDL 2.0.

Actually yes I do have experience with SDL 1.2. I never said SDL was hard, I said it was harder. The fact that it is a C lib actually is relevant FYI. It's not that important, encapsulating SDL with your own OOP code is easy, just something to consider. Saying you find it easy isn't very credible though, considering you're always praising yourself with finding something easy.

In response to your edit, you do realize don't you that Lazyfoo has tutorials for 2.0 right? Learning SDL 1.2 first sounds like a waste of time to me. That's kind of like saying, and note this isn't a very good analogy obviously but "Learn C++11 after C++03. C++03 has more documentation, get comfortable with C++03 first then move on to C++11" Obviously there are still valid reasons to use C++03 but that's the kind of logic you're going by for learning SDL 1.2 first.
C isn't harder than C++ at all.

Your C++11 and C++03 argument is very valid sir.
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It's really not worth debating with him Austin J he is stuck in his ways and won't listen to others about it. We have tried many times to let him know that you shouldn't be using SDL 1.2 when 2.0 is out but he doesn't seem to want to listen. Which is fine he can use what he wants to.

But he keeps on recommending other beginners to use it and thus spreading the bad habit. Programming is not a profession where you can ignore updated technology or software and just stay with what you feel comfortable with. You need to change and learn new things constantly or you will fall behind.

But hey at least you got him to admit your argument is a valid one ;p
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What? I never recommended using SDL for other apps. I simply said that there weren't many resources for learning the new release, so you should start with the previous version, and once you get a grasp on SDL itself transfer over.

I even stated in another topic that many things in SDL 1.2 that I did were hackjobs because it was too slow.
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If it's that easily transferable why not use the SDL 1.2 tutorials and program them in SDL 2.0 ? That way you don't have to learn a decade old API that isn't even supported by hardware anymore.
I'm done arguing.
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I was just suggesting something more sensible than learning something you will never use, even if it has more tutorials (note: not to be confused with documentation).
It wouldn't be a bad idea actually, now that I think of it. You'd need to look at a good amount of documentation though.
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I know Lumpkin has something but I already was working on a 2d pokemon game if we want to use that.

I don't really have 1/2 years of experience in game development, but i have used allegro a little and im running linux mint. The main reason i stopped is because of image compatibility issues, and i am not an artist. However i can learn SFML, my friend knows it and it shouldn't take too long to learn.

But i was wondering, what king of 2d game will you be trying to develop?
BTW I also have school but if the team has a moderate amount of potential i can also get my friend to join, and also, if this works out, i think github is a great idea for sharing code.
But your code doesn't have an OOP approach toad.
Ok guys I'm gonna set up a github. I was thinking of a turn-based strategy game. For those of you who want to join I'll make a members.txt file in github and those who want put their names into it

EDIT: Here is the link :
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*code goes to waste*
Hey Johny i join the github, but im gonna make another thread on this so more people join k?
Like or not like pokemon?

@Lumpkin Why does it have to be OOP?
Code reusability and organization. Like arguing whether or not one should bother using multiple source files or functions.
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