game maker! :(

I was just needing something to do while at work. So I downloaded a free version of Game Maker studio. The thing does not work. When I try, it says I need a license key. For the free version!!! I tried to find what this was but turn up nothing. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do?
You're supposed to get GameDevelop instead!
A programmers is willing to stoop to Game Maker! Oh god!

Just kidding, actual answer to this thread. I have a friend who's little brother tried downloading Game Maker recently and the same thing happened to him. He wanted me to fix it, didn't put much time into the problem but couldn't find anything. I'm curious if the thing is just falling apart or something.
I know, for shame...

Mostly I thought if I could get a slight handle on it, then I could teach it to my kids. They don't know programming, but they might still like making games. I might have to check out this GameDevelop thing.
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