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Things like this is why I am starting to hate windows

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So I just looked at my desktop computer and realized that I only have 12GB of space left on it which is really weird because I have barely anything installed on the drive. The biggest thing is VS2013 and that is it.

So I did some digging and it turns out over one half of my 120GB SSD drive is full from windows files. Specifically pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys which were taking up about 60GB of space their selves >_<. I never knew about these culprits so figured it might help some others some space.

pagefile.sys is from what I read used to temporarily save working memory when your ram is full. If you have over 8gb of RAM you should be fine to disable it and save some space if you need to (EDIT: helios pointed out that disabling pagefile.sys is probably not a good thing to do so might want to do some research on this since it seems to be a contention if this a good thing to do or not).

To disable it follow these steps
Start -> right click Computer -> Properties -> (for Windows 7) left side of the screen "Advanced system settings" -> tab advanced -> Performance settings -> tab advanced -> Virtual memory, change -> deselect "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" -> select "No paging file", click "Set", OK, OK, OK, OK, Restart Now.

hiberfil.sys is used for hibernation mode on your computer. If you rarely use hibernation mode you can disable this and save some space also. I did it since I am on a desktop and very rarely put it into hibernation mode, but on my laptop I use hibernation mode all the time.

To disable it you can run this simple command from the command prompt (Make sure you open the cmd with admin rights).
powercfg.exe -h off

They also have a .exe that can disable or enable it for you http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920730

Anyways thought this might help some others that run into the same problem I had.
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Also worth mentioning:

And I <3 Windows :p it's a love-hate relationship
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Heh that is actually what I just used to find these culprits :p. I agree with LB that program will be of great help with managing your drives.
If you ever decide that you fully hate Windows, Zereo, the Windows-Hating Club has a chair ready for you.

My relationship with Windows is as such:

- Windows is my primary development environment
- I only have access to Windows computers
- Windows is not the primary development environment for most other programmers
- Most other programmers have access to other operating systems than Windows
- I keep trying to compile libraries and software on Windows
- Most other programmers don't design libraries and software to compile on Windows
- I'm starting to hate other operating systems and starting to love Windows, purely because of the above circumstances
- It's complicated
And you can't run a good Linux distro either as a dual-boot setup or in a VM?

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There's a bug in VirtualBox currently that if your system has support for hardware assisted virtualization, it tries to use it even if it doesn't need it:
Unfortunately my particular computer is a Toshiba Satellite, for which they specifically disable the feature and intentionally provide no way to enable it.

VMs work fine on my family's computers, ofc, but I go to college now so...
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I hate Windows. I think that it is getting better with 8.1 as long as you have a tablet, which isn't good for programming.

The only things I like about Windows:
- Compatible with Visual Studio 2012+
- WinAPI
- Having desktop and mobile-ish apps (8+)

I prefer OS X :D.

I also like the customization in Windows.
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I can't stand windows. I use windows solely for gaming only. Everything else I use Linux.
@retsgorf: the things you like are the things I hate, and the things you hate are the things I like...
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Whats bad about about what I like?
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Didn't really intend for this to turn into a hate on windows thread (Wanted to help people with reducing the file sizes...) but I guess I should have seen it coming with my choice for the title.
It happened to me twice that I had more used space than what was supposed to be. Turned out it was because of "shadow copies" or something like that.
I installed Ubuntu as a dual boot a couple of weeks back, since then my windows section only got attention when I needed to burn a disk, use bluestacks, and figure out how to get ndiswrapper to work.

Maybe its just me but Windows seems so clunky and I am always afraid that I might have a virus, on Ubuntu I have very little of that fear.
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im dual booting ubuntu 12.04 lts and windows 7 and use linux way more. thats because i like developing on linux better (im so original and not to say developing on windows is bad, i just dont like it) and with vlc i now have media software that works. the only reason why i keep windows is for the occasional gaming session and someday i might want to get into c#, f#, .net etc but ill use virtual box for that
I personally have no problem with windows, never cared for mac os. I've been meaning to try linux at somepoint.

never really noticed a huge space taken up by W7. However i'm using a harddrive so i have ample space ( but not nearly as fast )
pagefile.sys is from what I read used to temporarily save working memory when your ram is full. If you have over 8gb of RAM you should be fine to disable it and save some space if you need to.
This is generally a really bad idea, no matter how much physical memory you have. Swap space is the difference between "this task is taking pretty long" and "every other process just crashed without warning".
So yeah, you should definitely turn paging off if you have a seething hatred for system stability.
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Hmm didn't know that actually like I said I am quite unfamiliar with these and I am just going off of what others have told me about it in IRC channels. They basically said if you got over 8GB of ram the chances of you needing it are very slim. And in my case they said since I have 32GB it should be just fine to disable it and it will increase the speed a bit since everything will stay in RAM.

But then again I am new to this so I am not really try to give advice on what others should do just trying to let them know it's out there and they can do the research and choose on their own.

I will have to do a bit more research on this though. Thanks for the information helios.
Surely you have an HDD aside the SSD. If so, I don't see the problem with having 60 GiB reserved for paging and hibernation (that's actually an excellent way to use SSDs). If not, I question the logic of putting 32 GiB of RAM on a computer with only four times as much storage. Seems rather unbalanced.
Why not get more storage? I don't know how you cope in the modern age with 120GB of space! Not to mention, hardrives are fairly cheap these days.
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