Respond only with questions

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How many times do games like these get posted?
How about instead of playing forum games you beta test my games?
Cool, what games would you like me to test?
You do know that most members of this forum will only beta test games with source code?
Do they mind if the source code is only instructions specific to a game engine?
Which game engine?
Can you not guess?
Can yo not tell us in the form of a question?
Do you think he can?
What is the point of this thread?

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Why does there need to be a point?
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Why can't turtles and narwhals all just get along?
Does that even count as a question?
Did it not end with a question mark?
I don't think just adding a question mark to the sentence automatically makes it a question; or does it?
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Bananas ?
What about that beta testing thing? Can you tell us more?
Did you know there is an open beta for Elder Scrolls Online? Did you also know it's super easy to sign up too?
I heard that people don't like the idea of it; do you feel the same?
Why do I feel that you people have way too much time on your hands to be this bored?
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