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Probably because we do have too much time on hands?
x ?
Does that 'x' mark the spot?
Do we have too much time on our hands? or do we not have enought time for awesome games like these?

EDIT: Did X mark the spot?
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Aren't you guys just waiting for someone to write a sentence?
Is a question not an inquisitive sentence?
I meant a statement; didn't you know that?
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How could anyone know what you're talking about?
where is all this leading too, what do we hope to gain from playing this game? who thinks that this game is pointless, when do you think this will all end?

why are we even taking part, how do you think we are doing in the OPs eyes?

How many of you would beta test my 2d horizontal shooter game?
why is no one responding to mats question?
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You mean it is not rhetorical?
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Cheraphy, why did you break the wombination combination?
who would do such a terrible thing?
What's the meaning of life?
Is it truly 42?
Isn't 42 the answer to the ultimate question, which is yet unknown thanks to a Vogon Constructor Fleet?
Do you think anybody knows?
Don't you realize the mice did?
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