Cursing in source code: How often do you do it?

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I'm in shock because whenever I've used gnu it never did that to me. What version are you using?
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4.6 - 4.8 depending on how lazy im being and if im using c++11 features to write software
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GNU has gotten quite a bit better with that. I use clang as an alternative and the clang-analyzer is amazing.

Any complicated STL error will show some serious jargon in any compiler. There is no working around it since to present all the information necessary to fix that error, that jargon is necessary. Possibly one reason why I'm closer to C in later days lol.
It irritates me when I get 5 pages of errors, and all I did was miss a parentheses. (-,-')
Or putting a semi colon after a switch statement by accident.
I actually love it when that sort of things happens. The more errors I get makes me feel more like a programmer than getting it to work out of the gate. I love the errors that say it is on line 124, you trace it back and find the error came from like line 18.
@ IWishIKnew: There should be a setting for your IDE to fail at the first error. I'm pretty sure it's an argument that gets passed onto the linker\compiler.

Personally, I'm like Albatross. If you were to randomly pick a source code file from my projects folder you would think that I'm one of those people who can't complete a sentence without swearing. Luckily Find and Replace fixes this issue for me rather quickly if I ever have to submit my code (not that anyone ever reads it).
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