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closed account (S6k9GNh0)
For whatever its worth, this account used to use the name computerquip.

So, like mentioned in a post not to long ago, I'm quite tired of being insulted. However, whenever I point it out, I can't even get people to stick up for me and usually people just encourage the user who just insulted me.

I'm also very tired of providing suggestions just for people to blatantly quote my post out of context, tell me I'm wrong, and then say the exact same thing out of the post they quoted except didn't care to mention.

Both have happened several dozens of times. When I point it out, people just act stupid which sadly doesn't appease my need for acceptance. Even whenever they are so blatantly in the morally/factually wrong zone, I generally can't even get an apology or a post concerning their intentions, usually just sarcasm and playing dumb. Since the community hasn't changed their attitude towards me, I'm going to simply leave.

While I don't expect people to cater to my specific wants, I do not expect to be insulted and/or ignored, and I feel that I shouldn't need to around such an environment.

Maybe in the future, I'll recreate an account of I have a change of mind or feel that its okay to be treated that way, even if its over the internet.
I don't understand? Computerquip was a valuable member...

EDIT: Here is one thread:

But surely this isn't enough to warrant closing an account?
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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I barely take a break from the forum and one of our most valuable member leaves?
If I may ask those who are still here: what Computerquip is referring to?
The forum is going to have massive problems if members like him start leaving.

LB wrote:
I don't understand? Computerquip was a valuable member...

Hear, hear.

EDIT: I may have found the post(s), posting them hear so that others will not have to search like I did:
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i agree. he was a very intelligent person who helped me out a lot. im not calling him a liar, but for the record, the only time i recall this happening is on the raspberry pi thread
That's two this month, are people getting more tetchy over criticism? I'll grant that perhaps sasumibenji wasn't particularly charitable in his answer but shit, Cquip wasn't forthcoming either.
closed account (o1vk4iN6)
I'm also very tired of providing suggestions just for people to blatantly quote my post out of context, tell me I'm wrong, and then say the exact same thing out of the post they quoted except didn't care to mention.

Sounds more like paranoia. So you are conveying an idea in such a way it can be misinterpreted, which it is, and then someone misinterprets it as such in which they provide an unambiguous answer. I know there are preteens here but this just makes me think of some kid raging that someone else stole his kill in a COD game.

Well talking to a ghost now anyways.
Good member lost. =/
closed account (EwCjE3v7)
cq youve helped me alot and others, and just gonna say bye and hope you come back. C u

Couldn't really put this in words.
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computerquip wrote:
I'm quite tired of being insulted

I hope you see the irony in this statement. I never had a problem with you, but frankly, from what I saw, you gave as good as you ever got. You and a few others fit, in my head, into a category of overly sardonic posters. That said, I'm not pleased to see you go.
Well that's unfortunate.
I feel like this "closed account" thing is turning into an epidemic. I don't know what about closing your account feels valiant enough that it justifies doing it. That's just my opinion though. I mean, I've had run-ins with others that have gotten pretty heated. That's just the internet though, man.

Not happy to see you leave, Computerquip.
closed account (91qLy60M)
Thumper, sir, is account closing a regular thing on this site? For me this is only the second rage quit I have seen.
Omega sir, closing accounts isn't normal around here, it's a rare occasion for one account to be closed much less 2.
/me Secretly hopes this "sir" thing catches on and the internet turns into an ironically polite place :D
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sargon I only use it with him because he prefers it like that... actually, maybe I might call everyone sir, it feels good to say that.
Lumpkin, sir, I believe you may have just started a new trend among the member of this forum, sir.
I was going to write something nice since I am directly related to the issue, but I read this and change my idea:
Computerquip wrote:
Since the community hasn't changed their attitude towards me
I was always against forums that prevented you from closing/removing your account but on a forum that is purely for information purposes I don't see why people do it. Just to make a statement?

However I am sad to see important members leave, hopefully you will be back after some cooling off. I do want to see these "several dozen times people insulted you" though...
You know... this used to be one of the nicest programming communities on the web. We weren't (that) elitist, we enjoyed helping people, and yeah we'd occasionally get a troll or have a OS/Browser/Religion/Language debate and pull out the flamethrowers for a bit, but then we'd generally calm down and normal service would be resumed.

I know I've been away for a bit, but I can't recall things ever getting to a point where a regular contributor would announce that they're leaving.

What changed?

Albatross wrote:
What changed?
I have noticed a large increase in a certain kind of behavior from a specific age group, but if I write any more than this I am going to start an offensive argument.
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