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It is not for us to judge those who desire wealth and shiny computers. It is only for us to judge him fit or unfit to have his desires fulfilled, with varying degrees of money to put where our mouths are.

That is nothing. Crowdtilt has things of parents wanting people to give them money so they can buy their high school senior a graduation gift. One was a campaign to help fund a boat ride around the coast of Florida with a fully loaded boat (ie booze and food). These campaigns may seem pathetic and bad, but at least they are being honest.

From what I have read, none of the crowdfunding sites have anything in place to combat fraud so once you pay a campaign, there is no guarantee that your money will actually be used for that campaign. Someone could make a fake game or movie make a campaign around it asking for say $5k to get it published and get it just to blow it on themselves with later posting that it was dropped.
That's messed up. Seriously, he couldn't work?
I have a massive urge to email that guy saying "THANKS OBAMA!"
Don't know why you two are appalled by him. It really is commonplace for crowdfunding campaigns.
For example, just looking at the examples section of crowdtilt's site had these in the top 12 as proof of what can be done on their site:
From 2012:
From 2013:
From 2013:
I would say that I'm appalled, maybe disappointed? Also "Everyone else is doing it" is no justification.
To be honest, I have no problems with it, especially if people were willing to donate. I think this is a troll but assuming that it is real, he can probably feel justified as long as others feel justified in donating to the page.

Of course... I won't be donating myself.
I agree. I won't be donating either. I've only donated to a few (I think maybe 6 total) campaigns on kickstarter and I never do more than $25. That way if they end up not doing it, I'm not one of the guys who paid hundreds to lose it.
Heh, this is the internet, don't be too surprised.

Welcome Albatross, I haven't seen your name here for some time.
I don't actually believe this happens... But lets see how much I can get for a new shiny PC =D

Nah, I'll buy one myself... Although I'm gonna be doing YouTube vids with it so at least you'd get more than a KitKat if you were to stupidly donate to a complete stranger that's probably never going to do anything back for you XD
I don't understand the problem. He can do it. He isn't hurting anyone. If someone feels generous, he can fund it. If there's no one to fund, still no harm is done.

But I'd totally ignore this one.
panhandlers are panhandlers.

If you want to give your money to some random guy, that's your business. Personally, I'm not going to do it.

That said... I much prefer panhandling via a website over some random guy stopping me on the street. Much less intrusive.
I only donate on Kickstarter and even then it is usually only game related things or personal interest things I donate to, but never more than $25. I've helped back Ouya, STEM System, Neo-Victorian Skirmish Squad, World Quest, Zordon of Eltar, PrioVR, and one that was canceled (Demolition Lander). I don't mind backing them because most of the people have a history that shows their credibility.
I use a 400$ laptop for two years and i am not complaining. If you are not a game tester or something it is unnecessary to have a 5000€ computer. It is something else if you got a lot of money.

And i am planning to buy even cheaper laptop because i am still at university with ongoing costs both for living and university.

Just saying i won't give even a penny.
I've been using a $500 desktop since 2006 and a $600 laptop since 2006. They both meet my needs.
Actually they meet many needs. Expensive ones should be purchased just for job purposes such as server maintaining or beta and alpha game testing. Not for anything else. Except if you have too much money.
BHX Specter: you've mentioned that $25 limit twice. Not sure if that's interesting, just happened to notice. Regarding cheap computers, it's fine to code on cheap PCs (you could write & compile text files on PCs from the late 80s). The bottleneck is RAM modern OSs require and graphics that DEs and games require. If you use a DE like xmonad, xfce, or MATE and vi for 90% of your activities, then you don't need anything beyone 1993. If you want Firefox/Thunderbird/Outlook/Chrome, then go for something from 2004.

He can ask, that's fine and I agree that it's a nice alternative to pan-handling on the streets.

Lately I've been interested in buying a Dell Poweredge R720 as a home server. That's to host my VPN/FPT/SVN servers, to replace my NAS with dynamic RAID5 support, to host my minecraft server and to host file-sharing on my lan. That's the only expensive computer I'll ever need me thinks.
Ceset wrote:
Expensive ones should be purchased just for job purposes such as server maintaining or beta and alpha game testing. Not for anything else. Except if you have too much money.
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