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The insect running around inside my computer screen

is a feature, not a bug.
Ha... I see what you did there.

I just have a rodent in my screen.
My screen still does that white/green veil thing that I made a topic about months ago, but I figured out it only happens in the cold.
There actually was a bug running around inside my screen but it seems to have found a corner to die in. I didn't get a chance to take a screenshot of it, and there's nothing in the Organisms section of Device Manager.
Are you using a CRT? :o
So I wasn't going crazy last week. I saw something crawling on my laptop screen, tried to brush it away and couldn't touch it.
Nope, e-IPS.

That's what happened to me. Apparently it's more common than I thought, a friend of mine had it too.
wait... theres actually a bug running inside your screen?
Little Bobby Tables: If I had to guess, its probably a screensaver.
@Stormboy: If I had to read the posts in this thread, it's probably not a screensaver.
Little Bobby Tables wrote:
theres actually a bug running inside your screen?

Not any more, he disappeared a couple of minutes after I created this thread. Must've got self-conscious or something.
Hahahahahahaso so funny

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