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still about C++ but didn't seem right to post else where

Ok so this is still more or less c++ related but i am mostly just posting it here because I dont really have a question i am just throwing out what i have been working on for the past probably 2 weeks.

It is an RPG its about 10,000 lines of code. Probably very poorly written but hell i worked hard on it!

its not complete but i just finished up with a huge chunk of most everything i want to put in the game.

it is complete with Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Fire making, and Cooking skills a banking system and simple chat with NPC. And a save/load game feature.

i will be adding weapons and fighting and such. but that will be a little bit later. i still have some other things i want to get done first.

So please all i am looking for is feedback. How is the code written (Dont be too hard on me. be honest its not that god awful for self taught) any content ideas stuff like that.

You can download the game here:

also does anyone know of a website where i can post games like this? something simple that lets you post the game online and allows for player comments or something along those lines.
You know I see stuff like this from posters like you all of the time and I can't help but wonder what kind of stuff you will be putting out a year or so from now when you start really learning the language. You had the persistence to write all of this up and even if you copy and pasted most of it you still put a considerable amount of effort in. What will you be able produce when you realize how much of it is redundant? I actually find it a bit inspirational, you just sat down and did what you wanted to.

Don't worry about being self taught, I am to. We learn things a bit slower and you will feel like an absolute retard when five years from now you have to go back and relearn a basic fundamental concept (or even worse, some terminology) that you either skipped over or completely misinterpreted. But it isn't that bad otherwise.

As for criticism:

- The first thing that jumps out at me is that your inventory system appears to be boolean but you are using integers to represent them. Why?

- Your level maps would be better off in separate text files that get read in when the applicable level is loaded. This will save you a good amount of compile time, it will make the levels easier to edit, add, remove etc. and it is good practice for later when you have to start considering memory requirements.

- Learning about classes, inheritance and static members will help you clean up and organize your inventory system and it will make a huge improvement to your banking and save file system everything. The majority of your redundancies are due to having not implemented any classes.

Don't worry about being self taught, I am to. We learn things a bit slower

ha! a bit! it took me almost a month to understand bool.

@op i will have to check out your code later when im not at work but i assumed (correctly it seems) thats written mostly with functions so +1 for computergeek for suggesting oop. it can really help you write cleaner interfaces to your code
Hey thanks a lot you guys. and Computergeek what would you suggest i do different with the inventory/bank system?

I am really enjoying working with programming and ive been working on it since about february off and on. but i plan to go into software engineering in college. i just finished my junior year of highschool. not software for games though. i was thinking more robotics perhaps.

Anyone got any advice for me with looking for schools and such in the San Francisco bay area?
Wish me luck. I am going in to see a gastrointestinal specialist to find out why my stomach has been causing me so many problems lately.
High five! The only thing I would suggest (I haven't really played the game) would be to use cout<< "\x---"; to display objects. For example, cout<< "\x002"; to display a person.
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