I'm baaaaaack!

I've been without internet access for a while now, alas.
In any case, the FAQ is not dead... I'm reserving this topic for linking purposes.

You'll learn more once twicker approves. (Or learn less if he disapproves...)

I hope to have something useful here by next week.

Alas, no response yet. I cannot seem to raise him. This is my current mockup. It is still very much a WIP — some of the things visible there are not really meant to be seen by human eyes yet... so please recognize the difference between finished and unfinished.


Feel free to wander around and critique it in this thread. I am currently putting time into a significant improvement of the random number stuff, so you can effectively ignore it for the moment.

I am being called to dinner by my wife, so I'll update later.

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Welcome back!

Can't imagine life without the internet any more...
Yo! Welcome back!
Thank you everyone. I've submitted my request to twicker. Now to see how he responds. (I expect favorable, since it's about the FAQ, but we'll see.)
Well, still waiting. Here's what I have ATM. Please see my notes in the top post.
Duthomhas wrote:
Well, still waiting.
Good look with that.
i like this faq page but i cant understand what happens after i click image/graphics/guis
i think white background is best.Strain on eyes is least.
> Strain on eyes is least.

...until you are sitting in front of the beast at night, when strain on eyes is most.

Automatic theme
I would like to see the automatic theme working, but getting accurate sunrise/sunset information for automatic theme selection requires one of two things:
  - having an IP lookup database installed on your server
  - spamming someone else’s IP lookup server
(More exacting geolocation stuff requires an https-enabled site and, importantly, asking the user if it is okay to know where he/she is, so... the geolocation API is definitely not an option.)

My main site (http://michael-thomas-greer.com) is cheating by using the local time and assuming you are somewhere around latitude 40N.

This means that everyone on the west side of China is screwed for a couple of hours, but most everywhere else in the world it should be kind of close-ish... I think.

I need data!
For those interested, would you mind telling me:
  1 where you are (major city please)
  2 what my site thinks your sunrise & sunset times are
  3 what your sunrise & sunset times actually are (for purposes of documentation)

To get #2, load my site and open the browser’s developer console. You’ll see a message telling you the times.

To get #3, you can enjoy playing around at https://www.sunrisesunset.com/.

I’ll send everyone who responds the recipe for some unusual but delicious cookies.
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