So after just shy of nineteen years working for them, the company tells us they are closing with immediate effect.

Time to refocus, hit the books and pluralsight. C# core 2 seems a good bet around my neck of the woods.

Woah. I hope you make it through alright!
I'm sure it will turn out fine. It'll just be iffy for the first few weeks until the redundancy money comes through.
Nineteen years seems like an awfully long time. Same job all that time, or have you worked your way up? I generally find that switching employer every three/four years is about right in terms of progression and skills updating (and, as it turned out to be most important for me, interesting new work).
Worked in the R&D department. Learning new skills was part of my job. My work ranged from embedded systems to integrating/extending SAP. I don't think I'll find another job like it. But that is why I need to refocus.

To me the most important thing is the people I work with.
Good luck, CodeMonkey! I actually recently just started looking at some core stuff for work.

I've heard something along those lines, too. Could you say what your highest level of education was before you got your first post-degree job? And did one of your jobs allow you to seek further education with being paid or partially reimbursed for education?
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