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You know what I'd like? A search engine with a more interesting parser. Google has made a good start; you can use AND, OR and NOT as well as things like site:, inurl:, etc. but I'd like one with a more complex scripting language for searches, because Google's is a little arbitrary. I sometimes don't know what to type to do something in particular. It'd be cool to have a well-defined "search language".
I like Google's clean interface (as a dial-up user, that's a huge plus) and quick results. You have to go through to much BS to search with Bing.


chrisname wrote:
you can use AND, OR and NOT as well as things like site:, inurl:

I find these really helpful. Especially -, ~, and site:. As for the "search language", that would be cool, but how many people would really find it useful?
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I do too, I just think it would be nice to have a better defined interface.
I like Google's clean interface
That's the point of this thread, Google used to have a nice and clean interface, now it's all fancy animations. The only way to get it back how it was is to disable scripts from google or use some minor search engines ( the other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing are even worse than what Google became )
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I don't see what the problem is really. You can deactivate the animation for the original interface. Google claims this to be "beta" so they can realize the fault of it.
So far google still much better than the rest
now it's all fancy animations

What animations? All I get is the fade-in effect of the links. It's way, WAY less than all that sh*t Bing has. Maybe it's just scaled down for me and I think it's the norm...
Did you try the new Google Images?
For me only one page loads. I have used it on a faster connection and I didn't find any problems with it. I do prefer the older version.
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I like the new version, quick and refreshing.
For me with a slow internet connection, the difference in speed between the old and new version is very noticeable.
Regarding slow connection, Google search is fast at any connection speed, and image search doesn't cause any big problems if your connection speed is at least 25 KB/s (but yeah, it's slower than the old version)

Are people joining this forum just to say they don't like the new Google?

Is is a coincidence that all of them (Sam Johnson, FelslandGrundschule, asdff, Wade Cockfield ) in their profiles link to programming unrelated websites? Probably no.
Wade Cockfield


I didn't notice the name until you said it.

hahahahahahah that's ridiculous.
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