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I've just found out that disabling scripts on Google it looks like it used to be.
Even the image search is like the old one, no new result layout and no central frame when you click
Having spent extensive time (5+ years) developing/designing for the web, it pains me to see Google and the horrible job they are doing with user experience. Their website lacks aesthetic appeal and it's quite amazing how a company with as much capital as Google doesn't understand this.

Supposedly their new instant search is good but just compare the approval to disapproval. I can safely say that most people disapprove.
I've since switched to Bing as my default search engine, after all that Google hasn't been doing too right.

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This was the case for me when Google first introduced instant search...but I find Google has better search results. I'm a hypocrite. :(
Google search page may not have the most "fantastic" UI but then the search result very often match quite closely to what I want. Moreover, the search page is loading pretty fast for me indeed.

I guess at the end of the day, it is the keyword search results that matters and not the search page where we enter our keyword isn't it ? :P
Google has been the leader in function; not aesthetics. Their company also greatly values their employees and has positively impacted the online experience.

I'll stick with Google.
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The way they changed it to look 'prettier' makes searches to be much slower, maybe not because the engine is slower but because the new layouts and animations are distracting.

I find that all major search engines have quite messy interfaces, Google was the only one to be clean and that was the reason I was using it

Less known search engines fortunately still have un-animated pages and clean layouts
I agreed with you 100% Bazzy. There is no doubt that the results aren't fast, just the mere fact that when you search for something and the distractions that follow, for me atleast, amalgamate to a slower search time. Usually I find myself turning of instant search every single time I visit Google because I just cannot stand it.

Google use to provide a simple interface which I strongly believe was the reason behind its success. Apple does the same thing with their website and at a psychological level, something as even small as this adds up to alot.

I just want Google to provide a minimalistic interface that even my grandmother can use without asking many questions and this appeal to grandmothers is what Google should concern themselves with.
Maybe they read your post, because the interface of Chrome has just dumbed down and I can't put it back!
If instant search is getting anyone down just come over to where they have yet to implement it.
Or you can turn the instant search off.

The problem with using region specific Google sites give you more results from that particular region which might not be useful if you live on the opposite site of the world. I'm not saying that you wont finds links from different regions, just that there is a preference with Google where they prioritize and return region specific results.
Did you notice that in the last few months Google is making it's websites worse?

I think its because of bing. Google has noticed how much success bing has had taking away much of googles traffic. So their response is to match the service offered by bing.
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This is where I look search engine use:

After reading (some of) the company's description of how it makes the stats (these guys are basically a web statistics platform that runs in multiple countries at different companies), these are the web stats I trust the most.
I hate this new Google instant , switched to Bing as well and kinda liking it.
It's interesting to see how the more Google looks like Bing, the more people switch from Google to Bing
I also hate the new Google instant
Are people joining this forum just to say they don't like the new Google?

Personally, I can see why Google is making these changes - like wtf said, they see Bing getting more users and their response is to copy Bing. They kind of shoot themselves in the foot, though: the users they still have either don't know about Bing or don't like it. If they try to copy Bing, those users that don't like Bing will think "If Google's going to copy everything Microsoft do, I may as well get the new features sooner rather than later".
As anoying as google is at times, I still prefer it to any other search engine.

Try the following search terms in both google and bing and notice the difference: codeblocks 10.05 mingw

If I were Bing, I'd automatically query google first before anything else, at least then it'd have something to fall back on.
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I'd never drop Google... they've provided me with too much goodness over the web.

ESPECIALLY FOR BING WTF. Why would you go with bing? Might as well go with askjeeves.
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