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Okay, I think that's enough. I hate being a warden, I really do, but I'm going to have to calmly warn you to please stop. I'm starting to think that chrisname's right.

If Framework lets you call him something, alright. Good for you. But the rest of us won't, and if you want our help you'll have to call us by our proper names unless we explicitly say you can call us something else.

You will get no more than one more warning from me.

EDIT: And there it goes. You lost your second warning in the time I wrote this post. The next offensive post you make will tempt me greatly to delete it.

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ill simplely use frameworks accont!
He will not like getting banned because of you.

Stop the wind up, now.
Geez I leave for an hour, and look what happens =)
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DeadOverclock wrote:
i aint got a spell checker.

There's one built into this post editor here.
Think of it as a game. The goal is to leave no words underlined in red!

P.S. Nice job on the "Hello World!" program over in the Beginners forum. Glad you finally got that working!
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To be honest, I don't see how any native English speaker could have spelling that is that poor. He must be purposely mispelling things and neglecting punctuation, two very good indicators of a troll. The fact that he has managed to make numerous people angry at him doesn't help his case. DeadOverclock, if you don't want to be classified as a troll, put some effort into your posts and ask C++ related questions.
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A little bit of an update:

Since DeadOverclock kept claiming to know Framework, I PMed Framework a few hours ago, and recently I got a response. Since this was a PM between me and Framework I won't give out too much information, but I did find out that DeadOverclock is... mentally and chronologically quite young, which somewhat explains the actions.

I'm actually not as offended as I think I made myself look earlier. In fact I'm generally a lot airier than I make myself look on this forum... geez...

Sigh. I ended up scrapping this post up about three times, because I simply can't express how much I frowned when looking through the content of this thread..

@ DeadOverclock:
I suggest you work these down in this order:
And at some point probably this one too:
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Does anyone else think it's hilarious that Kyon's first link is to a german based website?
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As Albatross already specified, I too will not give details on the private messages sent by both of us. I was informed of DeadOverclock's actions and I can assure you that this forum will no longer be receiving posts from DeadOverclock. I'm sorry for any disruptive or offensive remarks made by DeadOverclock.

Thank you.

Now, where was I with my weekend trip? :)
Computergeek01 wrote:
Does anyone else think it's hilarious that Kyon's first link is to a german based website?
Well, nein?
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Eh? Only reason that it's German is 'cause that's the one of the first sites that popped up when typing in: "learning english" at google.
Besides that, if you thought I'm from Germany, I'm not. Netherlands =/= Germany and Dutch =/= German.
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