How do you literally write a [tag]?


How do you literally write a [tag]without it doing its stuff[/tag]?

I've seen posts where the "tags" are visible, but can't see how to escape them (I tried Wiki style double [[s, etc but to no avail.

[Failed experiment]



P.S. Is there a help web site for the software this forum runs on?
I'd show you, but it is a trick with the tags and it doesn't display. :P

[co<insert bold open/close tags right next to each other here>de][/code]

And as for the software, I think it's hand-made, but I dunno.
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Like firedraco says:

A useful trick to know...
when you want to draw
the use of tags to peoples

[small]A pity the trick[/small]
[sub]does not work with[/sub]
[sup]the tiniest tags![/sup]


P.S. Any tag inside another, where the inner tag doesn't touch the outer tag, has the same effect. But you can't avoid the edges for the bold, italic, or underlined tag :-(
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[b]┬┐Like this?[/b]

[co[b][/b]de] I like symmetry [/co[b][/b]de]
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[code]I didn't know about this... [/code]
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[b]Thanks![/b] [i]ne555[/i]

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