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Sorry if this is the wrong area for this topic but i need a team

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I am a CEO of a company called "Falconsoft Industries" I need you to take a look at my profile to see what i am requesting basically I am making a project that will make a lot of money and anyone who helps will be payed their fair amount of cash for every sale we make.

In about a year i am making a rough guess that this product will make $1000,000
or more and if we make more i will gladly pay you each 4 times the amount of
money a "Microsoft" employee makes a year that is double the amount a "Apple" employee makes a year. In fact also more than a "Sony" employee makes and a "Nintendo" employee makes a year.

As I am helping out with the website and art design and audio design for the projects we make I'll get $50,000 a year maximum.
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Mmm.. promising lots of money with little detail, where do I sign up?!
Are you the same Aaron Wise who is involved with "Hawk Industries"?

Did that text just contain the names Microsoft, Apple, Sony and Nintendo? I HAVE to sign up for this!
A thousand thousand dollars a year? With a fair pay that *could* be more than people at those companies get, plus a maximum fifty thousand a year for handling the web stuff? Along with a nonexistent profile and poor sentence structure!? WHERE CAN I SIGN UP!?
Well yes @andywestken: I am but i have changed my ways now, and i have come to do good around here all i want is to start a successful business From here on out you may call me Falconsoft.

You can all sign up immediately we will chat over viber or yahoo. MY email address is azzgenius@yahoo.com.au
@Kyon: yes it did.
@sloppy9: to sign up just write in a email to me. Falconsoft.
@ultifinitus: hi ultisoft software.
@L B: same as i said to sloppy9.
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I can't tell if the OP is trolling, or just stupid.

So do you want to talk a little more about this million dollar project?
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Okay, I'll take you serious, give you the benefit of the doubt. First, let me give you a spot of advice- the same goes for any party interested in starting a business.

First, to be taken seriously, you must talk realistically. You are basically proposing to be a connector/manager here- are you planning on taking the lead on the development? What kind of capital do you have? How many people Who have met you in person are taking you seriously? You're current strategy sounds like "You make program, I'll sell it, and give you a portion of the profit" (fyi, not many will go for such a strategy)

Successful businesses take planning! You don't seem to have a strategy or a plan here!

(sources: business partners/family/several successful business owners)
Falconsoft wrote:
to sign up just right in a email to me. Falconsoft.
I rest my case. You, sir, cannot write worth a darn.
We here at the Albatross Accounting Agency would like to point out the the amount those major companies pay varies per position. If this were not true, we might have janitors in the infamous 1%.

That is all. :)

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that's why we will use webcam to chat and viber for voice, btw we doing a rewrite for a old project made with GM and we are rewriting it in C++. Also i know Ultisoft Software we met in person over webcam and i met 5 others over msn.
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Ultisoft Software: http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/users/Ultisoft%20Software

In other words, it's a 16 year old who uses GameMaker?
ultifinitus isn't ultisoft software.
chrisname is correct, I'm 20 from the US- my "business" name is ultifinitech.
I just assumed he went and started doing C++ and was still working on the project. @ascii: I swear i am not trolling, my trolling days are over kaput kablammo and out of the timeline of history in other words they are no more they no longer exist they are history they have been exterminated and disindigrated.
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I would think as a "CEO" you would be able to spell disintegrated.
I don't know why everyone here is putting so much emphasis on a CEO not being able to spell or write a grammatically correct sentence, all this tells us is that he is not dicatating to a secretary. It's like you guys have never talked to an actual CEO, I'm not saying that they are dumb it's quite the opposite in most cases but a trait I've seen across the board is that in an informal letter they honestly don't care about these kinds of errors. They all seem to have a "You know what I meant, not stop being a pedantic ass and get to work" attitude.

What raises red flags for me are:

- A business that has zero direction or business plan not even a plan for a project.

- Evidently a bad history with Microsoft. What's that all about by the way?

- Mediocre work on YoYo games.

- A CEO that can't keep his mouth shut and drop a subject on the forums at YoYo.

- A supposed "company" setup in another country (this is an instant deal breaker for me even with the extradition laws between Australia and the US).

For someone like me to even consider signing up you would need to:

- Establish a business presence with tangible capital assets in the US of equal or greater then the values you mentioned above. You don't need to actually move to the US to do this by the way and there are companies here that will do all of the leg work for you.

- Start development on a project that looks like it has a target market, with a coherent plan for sustanability (5 year min.).

- Hire me on as a private contractor\consultant with a guarentee for the amounts of money you mentioned leveraged against the assets here in the US.

By my calander, if you are a dedicated die hard to this idea then you are at least three years away from recruiting. Otherwise you're just going to have people on payroll that you have no way of paying while they sit around and do nothing.
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mrsmes, really?

Ignore him, everyone. At YYG he pulled this crap for a solid 3 years until he got banned. It's a nice sentiment to take him seriously, but we tried *plenty* of times and he never went anywhere.

Also, nice catch Andy.
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