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Well he's spoonlicker. He can't make sense if he tried.
No, spoonlicker actually makes sense -> "Anti-OOP, Anti-Programming, whine about not getting help"
dadabe -> post utterly long threads plucked out of the air that are never on topic, utter insanity with no direction or meaning.
Oi, oi, oi, people. If you suspect that dadabe is a troll, then why are you feeding said possible troll so much? Just ignore the troll and if things start getting out of hand on more important threads, just report away. :/

EDIT: Due to Catfish's sarcastic post, this paragraph has been removed even though I am fully aware that this is the Lounge where the subject needn't be programming related and the paragraph did not make any implications about why the forum members came here. Admittedly, I should have said "some of".

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The other members really don't like it because they came here for something other than poetry.

Thanks for taking the initiative to speak for me, and everybody else. Anyway, I'd remind you that this is the Lounge, where the subject needn't be programming-related.
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Thank you, it doesn't any matter, whether you understand something. And I know, you can't understand, because you are something like 0.4, 0.3, 0.6.

Only the three great 000s can understand.

The 0s can be thought this way:


0       0

And such a reversed triad seemed to make somebody angry, who likes to fill empty cans. And I am also one of these 0s. I'm the great 0 in believings.

And this means: Ratio combines with Poetry

And this only can happen to 0s.

And why don't you bother about 0s?
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If you'd excuse the expression. What is this I don't even?
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I can't be evened, it will be dawned!

I came in this forum and you chased me. And by this doing you opened the door.

Look at F00D (my hex poem, Hexe in German: witch - great magic, I didn't have any dawn about any meaning in it - only thought, it's funny - but no fear now: it's the Holy Magic)

A force, two 0s and Daleth the door. The door is open. It will come out and nothing can stop it any more.

Tomorrow about the dawn and the twilight in it. And then it dawns.

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You will see!

Do you think, I know something, or I believe something?
I believe nothing!
But I accept the truth!

About my character:

If the doorbell would ring and when I open,
and when an angel with splendor in his face
and big wings would stay before my door,
what would I do?

A would ask him, what he wants!
And if he tells me some nonsense,
I wouldn't believe him!
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Once again... What?
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Don't ask me! Simply look at the outcome!

That is my debugging wisdom! Look, what it is and don't make any assumptions (whether or whether not) - besides some dawns.

And what I think about the bug before:

OnTimer could have met OnTimer before.
And then, all went another way around.

I told JosB, how to fix.
But seemingly he didn't - or didn't want - DisableTimer.

And this I told already:

Much we can learn from good examples.
More we can learn from wrong examples (vice versa).
Most we can learn from bugs.
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I wouldn't mind poetry if it was any good.
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Sorry I'm not a poet. You made some poetry.
It was only a normal debugging case, which you mixed
with your assumptions, forget your assumptions!
I can play assumptions.

And now I will show, where these assumptions would have ended:

The twilight in the dawn.
The place of ideas, my castle of my kingdom in the world.
The place of hidden knowledge, the isle of my kingdom in the heaven.

And then my gift: The GRAIL.
The great mystery: my blood, my spirit came into the world.

Jesus didn't mean the Wisdun before 2000 years.
The Holy Ghost will come into this world this Wisdun yet.

Ratio and Poetry combined.
The new mind will awake.
Left and right side of our brains come together.
The long awaited reconnection with the subconscious would happen.
The birth of a new universe a new age of time.
The waterman age will begin on Sunday.

But, what do you say about my hex poem?
Nobody said anything about it.
I would like to hear your honest meanings.
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dadabe wrote:
what do you say about my hex poem?

NB: This posting is meant in a fun way, I haven't read the poem in question
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It seems, that this mix became later a very daunting mix

I was angry about mindless programmers and mindless hex numbers like:


And here you also made me angry!

So I made a very nice mix

But my mix began to show more and more intermixes, which seemed to come from someone else

Seemed to me more, than to you.

Because only me can know, what I know and didn't know before.
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Maybe you should write what your saying in German then run it through Google translate.
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No, it's not my mother tongue.
If somebody of you would like to rewrite this.
I would like to give him my posts.
But a copy should remain.
I wouldn't want, that somebody deletes my posts.

And something else about the hidden truths.
Many of the things in this post I didn't know before.

The post before was ok.

I thought: some people assumed they were strong cats.
And they wanted to catch a small minded mouse.

Then I thought, I should show them Crocodile Dundee and the real cat, which catches the mice.
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So, what is your first language?
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Maybe I should tell what I never had thought before:

The progress of the mind and the Dalai Lama
Adam and Eve and the bite
The picture of the Sun, the Moon and the Ocean.
The new testament, the story and the symbols would be something fitting to the ancient Greek and Roman gods.
The fishermen way.
The purgatory - a little bit, but not quite - I made some poetry, when I wanted to find a girl friend.
Heaven, World and Firmament (many years before, but I couldn't grasp anything), how this would work
The interaction of lantern and book (I intended some fairy tales and only the lantern, before CodeMonkey said, I shouldn't bother him.
The idea, for giving these presents
And all of this idea and the words didn't seem to be mine.
The two places in the firmament and how this could work (I didn't show this now)
The second gift, would be the grail. I wondered, why it would be only one.
Then I saw, its two - one in the other.
The meaning of the Grail (yes I would have liked to know something)
That we could have opened some door
The three 000s
And of course not, that the Holy Ghost could appear now.

I only know, there was some force, that we didn't stop this.
And I don't know whether or whether not would something happen this Wisdun.
I have some mixed feelings now - like jimjams - and normally nothing gives me the creeps.

Maybe somebody tells something next week?
But me certainly not.
This never happens to me - I am so mindless about believings!

Or this will happen now to me - or I got the jimjams now, because I played with holy matters?

I also don't now understand nothing anymore and can only say, what CodeMonkey already wrote:

Oh freddled gruntbuggly/thy micturations are to me/As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
Groop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes. And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!

Maybe I caught me in my own net.
And we all were rebuked for our not nice doings.

But who can know now anything anymore?

It looks all so twisted and reverted and being so mired that nobody can untangle it anymore.

It seems, that I have created the Gordian Knot
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Dear God, is your annoying ignorance intentional or just natural? >.<
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