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Calling upon Minecraft electrical engineers

So I started reading Petzold's code and got into the logic gates
which is fun when you can translate it over to Minecraft and start building
some gates and messing around with them.

So I decided to create a door in which an 8-bit passcode is needed
in order to enter I came up with this:

The world save:


Basically there's 2 control panels, one for the person(s) trying to enter
(invade ur epix basez0r) and another one inside (presumably) your base
that you use to set the passcode.

Now the logic gates take 2 inputs and provide you with 1 output, (I haven't read further than
where Petzold discusses a half-adder, so if he discusses a way to do an 8-bit logic gate
further on then this thread is essentially useless) so I did it like this:

Pair the bits from the panel outside to the panel inside the base together
then XNOR (compare) them, this leaves me with 8 XNOR'd outputs.

These are then split up into 4 pairs which each go through an AND gate
(order doesn't matter thanks to the rules of multiplication), I now have 4
AND'd bits which all go through an AND gate, now I have 2, AND those together
to get my final output, if it's 0 it will provide no power to the door
and the invaders will be left stumped on what to do next, if it's 1 the door
will open up.

So if one of those XNOR'd bits is 0, the rules of multiplication
will allow the final bit to become 0 even if the rest of the bits matched.

I'm presuming this works entirely, I haven't sat down and tried 256 seperate codes
because that would take days.

Anyway, if you downloaded and played the save you'll see that the whole contraption
is HUGE. If you were playing survival, it probably wouldn't be worth your time to go out
and collect all those materials.

I can reduce the size of it and still keep the way it works the same (I exaggerated
the spaces between each lane to make it easier to build), is there a simpler way of doing this?

TL;DR version:

Download it, make it smaller.
Seems like an odd choice of forum.

Actually i would say that. Minecraft actually saved my grades at school. When you start messing with those electrical circuits your logic skill is rising amazingly fast. I actually think i would have failed math in school if it werent for Minecraft and i would never start programming for sure.

@Le Derp
Good job, when i last played minecraft for like 1-2 years ago i remember i made a BlackJack game, it was pretty awesome. I was in RDF also. I belive im still on the members list.
About a year and a half ago I saw one of the vids where a guy made a fully functioning ALU in minecraft. I decided to one up him and make a fully functioning, and programmable, 8bit Processor. the memory stack was 12bits wide and 6 nodes deep. it had three 8bit registers and one 6bit register that's sole purpose was to act as a program counter.

I got the whole thing mapped out, and most of it implemented, but I only had four or five of the operations implemented before quitting and eventually losing that world.
What has Minecraft have to do with logic gates and circuits?! o.O

I mean, we check a lot of youtube, right? And all them youtubers have Minecraft videos. But I won't say all of them are electrical engineers!
Redstone can be used to make logic gates.

I come here with these assumptions:

1.) Most of you play Minecraft (the gates aren't hard to understand if you don't play it anyway)

2.) Nearly everyone on here will know more about logic gates than myself.

3.) From multi-player experiences it seems most of the Minecraft community is 10-13 (no really, a server of 20 people only the admin was above the age of 16), and thus I'm likely to get a more intelligible response here considering 1 and 2.

Plus I like it here, I've never posted on any Minecraft forums either.

So Mediafire lets me creep a little and it seems 6 of you have downloaded it, any suggestions?

It's the lounge, OP can post whatever he wants.

I've still never played minecraft, though a couple of my friends have gotten into it. It just seems like it takes waaay too much time to do anything. I had no idea that it had the capability of making full on circuits though.

It does take a while to collect resources and improve your base if you're doing it on your own, if you have 2-3 friends with you it's really enjoyable.

Anyway, I redesigned it so that instead of having 2 separate control panels you have one and the code is changed on the circuit itself 2 blocks behind the control panel (hard to explain without you playing it), so now it's much, much more compact making it a viable anti-invader protection system!


^ New and improved version
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What I meant wasn't that OP shouldn't have posted here, but that I think there probably are other forums where he could have gotten more replies. I'm sure there are electronics forums somewhere, and there's probably one or two people in there who play Minecraft. Those assumptions seem weaker (i.e. more likely) than "in a C++ forum there are electronics engineers who play Minecraft".
For one, I think most of the people here do CS or math.

I'm not meaning this to be turned into an argument but this thread has a lot to do with mathematics and computer science.


I'm not sure about the mathematics/computer science in that thread there. But you seem to have no problem with that.
Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't have started this thread. I'm perfectly A-okay with it. Honestly, it's all the same to me if you post here or in a knitting forum or wherever. All I'm saying is that there's other forums where you're likely to get more replies. That's all.
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