Where Can C++ Take an 11 Year Old?

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Grey Wolf wrote:
The main thing that would make an intermediate programmer... experience.

Yeah. Thumbs up. and for a pro...not only one language.
Stop worrying (or even wondering) about what "level" programmer you are. If you enjoy programming, you should do it as often as you can. Accept the fact that you are a programmer. We all start somewhere. Everyone on here has been were you are now. If you put the time in, you will get better. You'll get so much better that what you're doing now will be done in your sleep; yet you'll then feel like more of a beginner then you do now. And this is true no mater what you do. I have those same feelings about Math. When I was in high school, I didn't even know the type of math I'm doing now existed; but now that I'm doing it, I feel stupider then when I was in high school. I would be willing to bet that the best programmers on here are the ones that truly understand that they don't know s**t anymore.

Program as much as you want, with as many people as you can, etc... If you just keep pushing yourself, you'll get there; and you'll have fun a the same time.
Thanks Mathhead, That was the best answer on here.
at 11 spending too much time infron of th escreen can really mess with you attention span, and your supposed to be developing social skills...unless your a bit autistic in which case forget about the latter and code away, you could really be turning something that is a disability into a real boon.

but then again 11 year olds should be outdoors, the tougher you are with yourself, the healthier you will develop, (all though you may be american in wich case your diet wont help anything) i rejected all sport at school and found basketball to be a profoundly intellectual game and working out made me feel great, i stuck my nose up at it you see, wanted to play with computers, just got this short attention span now and can only play games...an basketball thas such a rush...just pop that ball in the hoop a few times bounce that ball around your legs around your back and get it in without touching the edges and tell me you hate it.
@bevonrevenge I think that is bull poop. I was working with computers when I was quite young and I still enjoy sports (and actually I find video games quite boring, unless it in a TSG LAN party or something :P).
there was an article in the I ndependant that day about attention spans and screens as well as known facts about developing right brain stuff at a left brain development phase of development ... i guess i was also afraid of social isolation you aint gonna have all that much in common with other kids as they are not usualy interested in something that (not intellectual but a word like it)
DevonRevenge, I play football...
well thats not right at all devonrevenge. im friends with many people who are passionate about computers and have just as many who aren't
<sarcasm>Yes, because we all know the human brain is so small that you can only have one passion.</sarcasm>

My passion is programming, drawing, writing, and playing games (just to name a few). I have tons of friends that like and hate those and everything in between.
yah you guys are right... i know i seem shallow but i got a chip on my shoulder about all this...the boys eleven;

he asks where can programing take an 11 year old? well kids dont play outside like they used to and programing isnt a social thing. it is best to learn a language young i guess but then if it was french or german theres the social thing again...and this is more important for a job and a future than anything

but it is a great thing, creativiting something with a language is actually a pretty faaar out thing
I'm confused... I have plenty of friends, I hang out with them alot, I'm very social, I do football, and I do programming, are you trying to stop me from programming and telling me to get MORE social? Or are you trying to tell me something else?
dont listen to devonrevenge. hes saying that programming isnt social. thats completely wrong. me and my friends do projects all the time. im working on a virtual iphone in java with one and teaching the other python
well were being social now...but im talkin bout th 11 year old...oh wait you are...well you were already on it good, its not a good idea to do just one or just have progrming freinds...but im from a different time...im usless now, kids are different i will just drag my old arse away now, throw myself on the scrap heap make way for the new generation...im redundant replaced by newer better models well the deven revenge beta never made it to marketing the posh new fredbills will take the markeet by storm...specially with a hed start

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/me plays worlds tiniest violin.

You need to stop assuming devonrevenge. My son is in a wheelchair and loves games and such, but will never be able to play sports or run or any of that. I hope Fredbill30 is perfectly healthy, but you should be careful in assuming he can just go out and play sports or anything like that.
stop moping around devonrevenge and stop giving into the stereotype that just because we are all nerds doesnt mean that we arent social
i know i know; i sry -_-
well i say we give him props for admitting he was wrong
Sad this topic is dead now.... If anyone is reading this, try to bring it back
sometimes son, ending is what good topics do.
Like devonrevenge said, ending is what good topics do. Keeping a thread going after it has been answered is sometimes considered trolling and would result in it getting locked or the person trying to keep it going being kicked/blocked/banned. Best to let this die.
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