One Meme Haiku

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And we don't say "through" as "thru"; we say "thruff", like "enough".
We pronounce it "throog".
And sometimes "cough" like "cup", as in "hiccough".
Arguements are here
regarding the size of words
We have too much time

Where are you from?
And we don't say "through" as "thru"; we say "thruff", like "enough".

you geordie?

geordies dont say through they say "throooooooo"
Where are you from?

Home counties.
oh its modshop whos american, i gets confused

moschops is british;
modshop is american;
i am quite stupid.
Ooh I thought Moschops was American.
in my head moschops and modshop look identical exept ones wearing a bowler hat the other a baseball cap XD
Moschops is plural,
Modshop is singular - duh.
They are the same thing!

And before people tell me I'm wrong or joking, note that it is a haiku :p
AAhhaa thats really funny LB

heres a thing what is a baby Modshop? a cub? a kit?
and a load of moschops? a flock or a heard...a flock of crows is called a murder

"aw look a little baby modshop" or "the moschop herd emigrate to greener pastures in the summer"
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