No real lyrics

I'm looking for songs were the lyrics aren't words but just syllables that together sounds good (no actual meaning, made up languages are welcome too)

Some examples:
I'm so happy to finally be back home (supposedly not the real lyrics)
Nyan Cat
Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot (iirc all their songs qualify)
Mahna mahna
Credens Justitiam
Ievan Polkka
Watch out, we're mad
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"dead can dance" has some songs in made-up languages
Ievan Polkka has words. Its a Finnish polka song written in the 1930s, its modern popularity is due to its appearance in an anime, no idea which. Not made up lyrics, just in a foreign language.

Edit: Actually I'm wrong. Its similar to "scat" songs in that it has very few actual words. So, yes, no lyrics in the modern version of that song. Carry on.
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I know, I linked only the intermezzo (however wasn't aware that it was Loituma's input)
¿so is it called scat?, thank you

A `mishear lyrics' kind of (can't remember the original)
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Crimson Rose & A Gin Tonic: (half scat, half japanese, all smooth)

Also I'm not sure if this is a made-up language or not, but I sure don't recognize it:
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Comedian John Evans:

I heard him on the Bob and Tom show one day. Was the first time I'd ever heard it called scatting.
Don't forget the Panzer Dragoon series songs! says:
They are sung in “Panzerese”, a language spoken within the world of the series, created to provide a unique feeling and identity. Thanks to this, there is an unparalleled sensation to the music created by Saori Kobayashi, unmatched by any other vocal theme on any other SEGA game.
Lots of Moby songs, also Superhero by Daft Punk.
Damn near every Rap song from 2004 (Crunk Era) to 2008 (???)

LOL hocus pocus i actually like that one though. I think there is a Boondocks rap with only syllables and (not any real words), i'd have to dig for it in youtube.
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oops i meant this hokus pokus lol:
Hoppipolla-Sigur Ros

In Icelandic
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