Fire Emblem online turn changing thread

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This thread is for those people who have posted on the "Fire Emblem online" thread and are in the middle of a game (like firedraco and me). DON'T POST NEW GAMES ON HERE!!! THIS IS ONLY TO ANNOUNCE WHEN IT'S ANOTHER PERSON'S TURN!!! Thank you!
It's your move.
It's yours, why is it only letting me move one person per turn?
You can move all of them. Just select each person, move them, then tell them to wait. Then repeat for the next person, etc. I don't think you can take back moves though.

And it's your turn.
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OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH thanks (wow, I should've known that)
and it's your turn
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Your turn.
Wow this thread is gonna get long fast
its your turn
and I made a HORRIBLE move I thought you could move, then attack on the same turn like in Fire Emblem Awakening
I'm so gonna lose
You can. Just move then select your weapon to attack. There isn't an attack command.

Also, your move.
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wow i'm such a n00b at this
and its your turn
ugggggggg why won't it let me use my iron bow?
Bows have a range of 2. >_> Can't hit people right next to you.
DERP!!! (sorry i'm being so n00bish)
Lol I am surprised you didn't know that since you mentioned Awakening, heh.
Yeah... I'm just having a blonde moment (even though I'm not blonde)
and... you can make your move now
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The game is over though.
oh... ill make a new one (or you) tomorrow, I've got to go to bed. se ya later
I made it today go ahead and join it (it takes a while to pop up on the website though)
its called: 3 vs 3 Revenge

EDIT: oops forgot to put the password: cplusplus
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I think the IRC channel that nobody uses anymore would be better suited for this.
I need to get tons of free posts though!

Also, passworded games don't seem to appear on the list. Post the game_id.
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ok try this link

one other thing... FIREDRACO YOU PLAY DISGAEA??!! I've been meaning to get that game/games for YEARS!!!!
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Just remember to change setup.php to join.php.

Anyway, I got my setup there.

one other thing... FIREDRACO YOU PLAY DISGAEA??!! I've been meaning to get that game/games for YEARS!!!!


umm... I put that into google translate and... I got "That is the powerful fish (sardines)!" am I supposed to know what that means? and, is that what that means???

EDIT: your turn
EDIT2: wow i'm really bad at this game
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