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Survey: How did you find out about cplusplus.com?

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1. How did you

*CHALLENGE* = Make a program that collects these results :P
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u mean just write a while loop and put it in an array?
*facepalm* Lol, answer the question?

psst challenge for other beginners.
1. Allegro.cc guys told me about this and cprogramming.com for their tutorials when I was learning C++.

Challenge = too complex for a beginner. A beginner isn't going to know socket programming needed to connect to the site, read in the page's source code, parse the answers to print out. Also, hard to make a poll result as you will wind up with about 30 (good big number) ways people came about this site as you have left the options too vague.

For example:
Q: How did you find out about cplusplus.com?
1) Google
2) Other site
3) Friend
4) Other
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i think he meant put it in by hand
Oh, well, in that case beginners can do a program that has an array of strings while the experienced ones can do a vector of strings.
Oh, well, in that case beginners can do a program that has an array of strings while the experienced ones can do a vector of strings.

I think vectors are beginner level as well and I would recommend using instead of an array 99.9% of the time. In fact, the extra functionality of vectors makes them easier to use then arrays I would think.


oh and Google!
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I think it was a joke since beginners tend to learn arrays before vectors so they ttotally ignore vectors even though they are a better option. Also a lot of beginners know arrays but have no clue what vectors are.
If they are following a good beginners book (Primer, PPP, Accelerated), they would know about vectors long before arrays.
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True that, but if they are in a college course (Where most professors are still stuck in the C or pre standard days for some reason) they won't even have a clue what vectors are till way later.

Its quite sad really vectors, lists, and deque are useful in so many ways that I'm surprised the professors don't just teach them as the standard and only teach arrays so the students know how to work on older programs that make extensive use of them.
There are good professors just like there are good books.. TAMU has at least one good C++ professor :)
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I guess that is true, though I have yet to see a professor like that. I haven't been to school for CS but have been to a few lectures where I just sat in because a buddy of mine allowed me to and the professor and school didn't mind. And everyone of those lectures I just wanted to stand up and say

"HEY why are you teaching these people to use void main()!"


"What? are you serious when you say arrays are the best way to store that?"

or my favorite

"Are you really still using C strings?".

Though all the lectures I have been to was a while back and they were entry level courses, and they also weren't the best of colleges so probably not the best of professors either like you are saying. I think it also has to do with the way they teach which from my experience and from others I have talked to is teaching the C language first then after you learn that you get to learn about C++.
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why was bhxspecter
why the hell would teachers or schools in general waste their time with C ?

I admit, I am self-teaching programing, so I wont know what their motives are, however I picked the technology and language to learn based on the requirements of jobs I would want. That said, I only ever see lots of C++, C#, Java, Python and sometimes Ruby. I don't think I ever saw C as a requirement and you don't need to know C to learn any of the above languages. In fact C is not even OOP and understanding OOP is probably a lot more important then the language, which is merely a tool.

That said, aren't schools suppose to help people get into jobs? or does that fade away once you hand them a cheque?

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wait... you see no value in c? c has many benefits. c doesnt have to be a requirement. c is an amazing language. i know plenty of people in the professional world that have the option between c and c++ and choose c.
I unfortunately fail to see it. Unless maybe for low-level programing of kernels and microchips... Which I have no interest into (so I guess personal bias).

However the city I live in doesn't have any jobs for that either. Everything here is enterprise software, games and smartphones apps. All of which advertise requirements for the languages I posted above.

I also could not see doing any major enterprise software or a game without the use of objects. That would be like making cars for a nation without using chain production factories.
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you know it is possible to write good software without objects? you can write a lot of python code in w/o touching structs or classes all day. and isnt the linux kernel written in c?

and the internet?
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why the hell would teachers or schools in general waste their time with C ?

I would respond with a similar question:
why the hell would teachers or schools in general waste their time with Java?

I remember when Java came out in the 1990's (I was in high school back then). Back at the time C/C++ was advertised as the "one and only true professional language", Java was advertised as the new kid on the block, and FORTRAN was the "language of dinosaurs".

Nowadays, Java appears to have taken the position of the "one and only true professional language", while newer languages like Python, Ruby, etc. are "the new kids on the block". C++ now has the "dinosaur language" publicity.
One of my personal top reasons for liking C++ (and by restriction, C):
C++ appears to have some of the most self-critical communities.
Reading about the C++ design decisions, it appears like a group of sane people gathered, discussed, and tried to select the best/least evil solution.
I do not get any similar idea when reading about the design decisions behind the Java language.

I have actually seen a google talk in which BjarneStoustrup publicly admits "I had a bad day" (meaning he messed up something when designing C++). Try hearing something like that from the "god-like designers" of Java. In case you don't know, in Java all language features were born perfect.*

*Even ones that later get changed.
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Who stills programs in java?

Is there a java.com? like cplusplus.com?
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