The internet never stops amazing

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I've seen lot of stuff on the internet a little good and most of it really bad. But it never stop surprising me to see how people act when it comes to forums. It seems like its tends to be only the loads of negativety, high entitled people that stick around the forums just lurking in the shadows to pounce and spread their negative and just bash someone that they know nothing about.

And the lucky place I found today was:

sigh** what makes it worst is that this isn't even trolling. This is just honest blissful ignorance, and the people aren't even willing to listen to other people or even the moderator and think about it for a second.

So what do you guys think about it? Interested to see if I am the only person surprised or many you all are used to it by now.
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And, Damn, he is not asking to decompile an executable, he is asking how can he generate a random alphanumeric sequence.

And, Damn, I cannot read MSDN forum's font.

Or, at least, all those posts, to my eye, are badly formatted.

char Ex[128];
for(unsigned int i = 0; i < (sizeof(Ex)/sizeof(*Ex)); ++i)
    Ex[i] = (rand()%('z'-'a'))+'a';
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I'm pretty sure that's just what people do. Internet has hardly anything to do with it.
Though I didn't go deep enough into that thread to see what awfulness you're talking about...
@ EssGeEich

lol I know I didn't see anything wrong with it. I kind of felt sad that he work on it for 3 months and couldn't get it to work :(


Well at least before I was on the internet a lot I never thought that people would say and do half the stuff that they did. I mean I know there was some people that do it. but it's like on the internet THERE ARE A LOT of people that do it. Maybe they are just a few people, but have a big voice. Though, some of the stuff you accidently stumble on google, and the websites just make you go wow... these guys have to be joking....

Guess I should stop using google as much and just remember websites URL xD.
I think the worst part is that he didn't even think it through - what was he planning to do with the random keys? Copy and paste them over and over?

Also, if someone thinks some software is so bad that it's not worth their money, and they put in all the effort to crack it, just let them. People who want to support the product and its developer will pay for it and possibly even donate more. It follows the trend you see on e.g. bandcamp where many people let you decide how much to pay and even pay 0.

@Stormhawk I don't know what you're googling, but I'm almost always directed to either a function prototype on MSDN, a Q&A on stackoverflow, a thread on this forum, cppreference, wikipedia, or the actual thing I am searching for.
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@ L B

I mean stuff not related to C++ or coding. Like for example if you watch a video from the comments there just make you shake your head and go wow...
You haven't been very clear as to what in that thread bothers you, is it the OP asking for help in a key gen or the responses he received? I've been on the internet since the early 90's so little I see surprises me anymore.
@ naruku9333

It just the response he recieved that was surprising. How they are so quick to jump down his throat and even fight against the moderator who is the one upholding the rules and pretty much saying. I DON'T CARE everything you say is wrong and I'm right!

Also I'm just wonder naruku has it always been like this since you been on it way longer than I've had. Or has it become different since then. (Just curious)

There always have been, and always will be those that don't want to analyze the situation in a different perspective and just insist they are right. Like hamsterman said, I don't think it has anything to do with the internet, it's peoples personalities.
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The thing I didn't get is why they were all defensive about basically giving the guy a random number generator (In a sense)... There is absolutely nothing malicious about what he was asking. Keygens are used for many legal reasons, the main one being protecting your own software, or locking down a software so only you can use it. Even if he was going to make a illegal keygen he would be missing a major part of the problem (Like 99% of the problem) which is he doesn't have the algorithm for the product.

Kind of shows how ignorant they are for going after him just for asking a simple question. And fighting against the MOD was surprising to.

I really do think the internet is making younger people more stupid then smarter.
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The same thing often happens here when someone asks a question related to hacking/cracking, keygens, and keyloggers. Some people just want to assume the worst.

I really do think the internet is making younger people more stupid then smarter.
I completely disagree, I've been told (haven't done the research myself) that average IQ scores are the highest in recorded history. Granted it is very debatable if the internet had any effect on those scores, but I feel the access to information the internet provides is an essential factor.
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the people in that thread seemed to be ***holes.

edit: and visual basic sucks.
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I don't even know how the guy's code compiled. "Rnd() = 9999 - 9999 - ..." assigning to an rvalue?
^ Visual Basic.
I hate it when people don't say what you want them to say
You mean you hate it when you're reminded that other people can think freely like you can and you can't control them?
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devonrevenge you probably just want to be quiet now. its not worth it. trust me
D: don't start attacking each others now.. I won't want anyone to lose a finger :).

A thought just came to mind about what that guy said and I found it kind of funny. He was complaining about how pirates make people lose jobs and so on. but the funny thing is that a lot of programmers are hired to reverse engineer products. which is essentially pirating more or less. Then these companies make bootlegged copies of these products and just slap their brand name into it and it's consider offical goods. lol the irony huh?

no I hate the way people are free and I can't control them :P

@Stormhawk, Intelectual property is an odd one, somethings people think they can own the results of research
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lol I heard about that in usa. How researchers over there wanted to charge people to view their research. I remember someone saying to be that all the other researches should just charge usa then since they are doing something so silly and leave everyone else to have open free research.

But I find charging for research to be silly though because research doesn't just come from one place it all networking. You discover someone I then use your discover to open my horizon to discover more and so on.
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