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How researchers over there wanted to charge people to view their research.

Ahem, I do happen to work in the US and I don't subscribe to that view, nor do any of my colleagues! (I have a published article and two more in the paper submission pipeline; all of my work is downloadable (directly, for free) from the math/physics arXiv).

Although I did get my education in Europe, I have plenty of colleagues who have their education entirely from the US, and they don't subscribe to the pay-to-read-research view either.

To clarify, my field is mathematics.
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Its a common misconception for the world to view us American's as a bunch of rich greedy people ;p
lol I only heard of the cases for usa. I don;t believe it is all of usa either xD. I remember it was only a group of people from a certain university first. Then a few more started to do it.. I don't know how many researchers have done it though to be honest. The ones I have been told about were for biology. I remember hearing how people were finding ways of getting it for free. Which I thought was hiliariously funny. I apologize though I shouldn't of generalized. I just didn't remember anyone specifically so I couldn't name anyone.
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There are a multitude of problems in the US. Products are built to break ("ending is better than mending"), the Federal Reserve is privately owned (the Ministry of Plenty is responsible for the economy), and more that I tire to mention and find a relationship to a prior warning. Distractions such as gay marriage, the war on terror while we terrorize other countries, the media is biased, they want us to think gun control will work like it hasn't in other countries, our money is fiat money, Monsanto is winning against homegrown farmers, the constitution is ignored, we're not free to gift or even die without being taxed, the government is racking up debt by the trillions while the economist the media focuses on says debt is a good thing, we're not allowed to grow our own food, the government seeks to eliminate the free ("black") market and to control the internet, the list goes on.
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What a positive outlook. While I agree with most of your points, I think you slightly blew them out of proportion.
I'm not trying to go off topic, but what is the story about people not being able to grow their own food in usa?
Nothing I've ever heard of, and I live in the damn country. Maybe if you tried to produce huge amounts of crops you would need a license or a permit or something, but I've never heard of (or had) any issues with growing all kinds of fruit and vegetables to eat. Selling them to the public is a different story, but I think its a good thing that no random person can go and sell potentially harmful foods to the public at large.

EDIT: Apparently there is some provision of the Patriot Act (or maybe some other law that went through in 2010, I'm not sure) that makes hoarding more than a week's worth of food/medicine a felony when a national emergency is declared. This is hardly the government telling you you can't grow your own food, and when was the last time you've heard about this being enforced? I wasn't even aware of it until I Googled it just now.
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Why would hoarding more than a week's worth of food be a felony? Is it to stop people hoarding so much food that other people can't get any? Buying food week-to-week is wasteful of money, I buy enough to last two weeks at a time because it works out so much cheaper.
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Yeah I've read and heard about most of these problems and more. However don't tell anyone, the public isn't suppose to know governments are crooks :p

On the same note, Check out the shape of Denver's airport from Google map and read up on the conspiracies of that airport on Google. Because I don't live in the US, I don't really care if they are true or not, however, it is interesting stuff to read.
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LB isnt blowing anything out of proportion, its just shocking to list them like that!

so long as big business can lobby the government and business men get into powerful political positions to further business, unchecked capitalism will be dangerous.

I go on about how america is corrupt, I forget how bad it is over here, sry Americans, I know the right wing media learnt how to manipulate Americans point of view from charles manson
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Oh please devon please stop hating on the right wing, please read up on capitalism and what it really is about :). You need both a good balance of both the right wing and the left to have a good society neither one is bad unless pushed to extremes.

Also you do know that in America we have had a highly socialist/liberal democrat as a president for over for over 4 years now right? The right wing is not running America right now ;p
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Congress is dominated by Republicans (232) though. [edit] Also, compared to European parties, the Democrats are right-wing.
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The house is controlled by Republicans and the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and we have a Democrat president.

You can't bunch congress up together. Nothing gets passed unless both the senate and house pass it on 2 separate votes. Also during the first 2 years of Obama's presidency both the house and senate were democrat controlled. So it is hard to blame it on any one party both have done wrong.

For you devon :)

Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.

Under capitalism the state is separated from economics (production and trade), just like the state is separated from religion.

Capitalism is the system of laissez faire. It is the system of political freedom.

EDIT: Ya that is true chris. I have been paying attention to the whole Cyprus thing closely.
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I blew stuff out of proportion because it bothers me that it's even there in the first place and I hoped that maybe mentioning it somewhere would calm me down and maybe convince someone else to care.

Anyway, sorry for the disturbance.
The state isnt separated from economics LOL, look at Iraq or the amount of oil men in the republican party, condilzza rice has a oil ship named after her for crying out loud, and did you know tony blairs job after the war was to organize oil as capital for rebuilding contracts from JP morgan!!

Obama is pretty right wing by world standards, even his health bill, but you can't trust politicians or what they do to the system, I feel like they only sometimes act in the peoples interest because they have to, look at new Orleans, they did as little as they could possibly get away with.

But its not hate I swear its just like LB says, too much interest in a powerful minority from politicians is frustrating to watch, especialy over here when they never think of more obvious ways to help everyone and keep cutting taxes for the rich, the rich in the UK are one third richer because of the recession!!

Sry I should stop talking about this, modern civilization cant last long at this rate and I should enjoy it while it lasts.
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The state isn't separated from economics because we have a mix of capitalism and socialism. Back in the mid 1800's all the way up to the Great Depression the government played little to no role in the economy, resulting in a boom and bust cycle. Now that the government is more involved in regulating the economy, it has a more shallow rise and fall cycle.

Visualize it like a graph:

Old Economy = 5sin(x)
New Economy = sin(x)/5

There are many issues with the government and society though. If you really want to scare yourself read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (L B: I noticed the quote). While fiction, much of it has actually come true.
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Why do politicians seem so naive on the economy
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I agree with you on that devon. It seems like they just don't get basic economics :(. I mean is it really that hard to understand when you are spending 3 trillion dollars a year and only taking in 2 trillion you are going much more into debt? Them aren't actual numbers but it serves my point. In america we have like what 16 Trillion in national debt? And it keeps on going up and up. If the government was a business it would be bankrupt very very quickly, because they just don't understand that you can't spend what you don't have all the time. To them it just either print more money which will cause major inflation or borrow more money which will eventually make our credit rating drop, go bankrupt, and we will have so much debt that we can only pay for the interest and do nothing about the principle.

Sigh sorry bout that I am really ticked off with our government in general lol.

[/end rant]
@ Devonrevenge

The same reason that forum threads that have NOTHING to do with politics always ends up people talking about it.

I never got why people got so heated about it... because all people ever seem to do is two things they argue over what is better(which is silly because none of it is better all you need is a balance -__-) or two they whine and cry about things they feel are bad but in the end of the day do nothing about it... so why even bother saying anything if your going to do nothing -___-.
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@ Stormhawk, I guess that answers my last question, the politicians dont do anything about problems, they only in for four years, america has been in debt for 150 years, they dont do anything about it, people dont do anything about anything on a large scale.

And that also answers your question stormhawk, we just drift about aimlessly in both thread topics and general progress, no one runs a country, the country just rolls on with little changes here and there subtly manipulating the flow to a pretty uncertain future
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