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Haha chrisname, what did you score on? I got 0.
I got two. I'm interested to see if anyone here gets a high score. I doubt anyone will if they answer honestly, but it'd be interesting if someone turned out to be a psychopath.
I got 1. Me and responsabilities are not good pals.
@chrisname I meant what questions did you get your two points from?
I scored quite high in that psycho test but I was messing around, Im not sure if you can tell A psycho in such a few questions, specially not other personality disorders (histrionic or sociopaths for example)
1 & 6, both of them were "somewhat".

1 because, when I try, I can be charming, and sometimes I'm also a little emotionally insincere (mostly due to alcohol but sometimes when sober), but I don't manipulate people because I see it as wrong. 6 because the law is only held to be the highest moral authority because it comes from the government; it's not the result of rational assessment or science or anything like that, so I don't feel obligated to follow it purely because it's the law. By happy coincidence, most of my moral beliefs agree with the law. For those laws that I don't agree with, I either follow them because it's easier to operate within the law, or I'm just careful about being caught (I'm talking about drugs and file-sharing here).
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Yeah I wouldnt be hung up about either test, personalities vary so much, theres proly a way of scoring 100 percent on both tests and still not be autistic or a nasty callous psycho person (I scored like 12 that last test, I know im not a bad human being though :/)
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I got a 16 :|
Interesting, 14 on the AQ
And 7 on the psych
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can answering these things make it easier to get hacked? were telling everyone one what we scored, is it possible for someone to find when someone connected what score they got and where they connected from?? you would just need to know roughly what time and who was inbetween.
It's no easier than hacking into this site and looking at the server logs to get people's IP addresses.

Mine is and you're no closer to hacking my system for knowing that. I'm not running any software that you can connect to (servers) so there's no way you can connect to my computer remotely. That's why malware always uses a different attack vector, like e-mail attachments or files you download from the web.
a different attack vector whoo
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If someone knows your IP address it doesn't really matter and won't get them really any closer to being able to get into your computer. The most they could do with it is get a general location of where you are at. Almost every website you go to have some sort of software that logs vistors IP's and general information (Browser they are using, where they came from, ect.).

Its a general misconception that if someone has your IP address they can magically connect to your computer and "hack" it.
I scored 1 for the psych test. And am still wondering, does have a score of 29, indicate that I would very likely be autistic?
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Well actually I know how you can hack using IP address using Remote Exploits using Metasploit\ Backtrack.

Thats why It is not a intelligent Idea to post IP address of your self.

Or a 0day I found in Windows RPC so yeah it is possible.
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surely it could be a step to finding a weakness, could you then scan for listening ports or summink for example.

I was thinking though, little questions like this over the course of a year you could get enough information on an individual to narrow who he was and where he goes to one person in the country
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Well, no let us think like this there are 7 billion people around the globe right !

And around 70% of world DOES not have access to Internet so it leaves us 2.1 billion people in the world. Which is quite a lot .

Then asking low identifier questions such as are you boy or girl ? there are around 50% and 49% women right

so it leaves us around 1.55 billion people are men and 1.02 billion are women and then they would ask us are you a teenager are you which is around 45 percent are teenagers in men and in women so there is around

697,500,000 teenagers in Men and 459,000,00 in women. Say they ask you what exact age you are if you are a teenager

165.14 Million Boys and Girls are are 13,14,15,16,17,18,19

and finding one age say 13

would give us around 165,140,000 boys and girls and again finding the number of boys will give us less but it would take quite some time to figure out all your information.
well you can find out if im in london, maybe even where quite easily so thats one question answered and you have pretty much narrowed it down to 0.0000001% of the population of earth in a single question.
and im talking about finding someone online already obviously because i was talking about hacking, Then you may only need to ask a few more questions you could find out;

when and where i shop (maybe someting im bying on a certain day), when i come home from work (so you will know when-ish I might buy said thing), what i wear (I might say im a jean shorts and hoodie kinda guy, or im wearing oily overalls after work in a what do you wear questionair), what color my hair and eyes were, maybe a hobby or a favorite booze and one or two more questions could have you waiting at the right isle in the right department store with your mug showing up and fitting your description.

all I would have to do was fill in like three questionairs

jut a thought.
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That is true devon that is why you don't want to put to much personal information on the internet about yourself. Secret Questions are one of the stupidest security ideas ever invented in my opinion. A lot of the times you can find that information about someone just by using a google search and facebook or some other social media. IP addresses won't do you any good, but information will.
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