Wallpapers thread

In this thread, your wallpapers.
Here's the source image of my current wallpaper:

Mine: http://tinyurl.com/GreenFractalDesktopBackground
Ignore the "black abstract" thing, I used Google's search-by-image feature with a screenshot of my desktop.
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My current: http://i.imgur.com/ljsoiel.jpg

I really love the style of whoever drew it.
So, I frequent /wg/ on 4chan and always go into wallpaper threads on other imageboards. I love collecting wallpapers.

I lost a lot of them recently due to a harddrive failure, but here's an imgur album of a little under half of my current collection.


edit: should have changed the sorting of the folder to get a more random collection before selecting a range of them. O:
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On my laptop: http://mathhead200.com/wppics/Wallpaper%201.jpg
[If you can tell me where it's from, you win the prize! Hint: Here is the pic I used before that one: http://mathhead200.com/mLG/pics/screenshots/Blame%20the%20Com.jpg ]

On my desktop**: http://mathhead200.com/wppics/neon.bmp
I generated that one. Here are some others I generated; I used these as wallpaper for awhile too:
- http://mathhead200.com/wppics/maze.png
- http://mathhead200.com/wppics/sky.bmp

At school (lab computer)**: http://mathhead200.com/wppics/Algebraicszoom.png
[Internet scavenger hunt! Hint: This pic is from a wikipedia page.)]
@Mathhead, Halo. Who wouldn't know that?
One of my cats... http://i.imgur.com/yN6rmVV.jpg
solid black (don't have `desktop')
@firedraco: spoiler.
Awsome fast camera macro lens piture of kingfisher

ne555, are you using some kind of awsome computer science matrix style console or is it dos? :P

are you a machine?

EDIT: i just noticed the pictures name, why would they put "without fish" on it? can you see the dissapointment in his little kingfisher eyes?

EDIT: fast pictures of water make great photos, slow ones of water are cool too, im a gonna change mine now to be different
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Gotta love cats :)

bet you haven't seen mine before...
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@firedraco: spoiler.

What is this spoiler? PM it.
@LowestOne lol that's a default desktop background that comes with 95/98/XP
That was the joke.
It really is my desktop though :)

Actually, not anymore. I whipped this up this morning:
Using drawings by my sister. Currently this: http://gm4.in/i/dme.png
Ika Musume!!!
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