Programming on C++ in linux

Is there any IDE which works exactly like vs on Windows so I could do the exam in the same way I practised in linux?


There are IDEs other than Visual Studio that work on Windows, Mac and Linux. Two of the more popular ones:

Visual Studio Code


If you want to run native Windows apps in Linux consider using a Windows Emulator.

Be grateful, VERY grateful, your instructor is not requiring you to use the ancient Turbo C compiler.
Personally, I'd highly, highly suggest that if your primary machine is Linux, then in order to actually understand Visual Studio development, use a virtual machine to install Windows as a guest.
Or do you recommend I use Windows too?

Yes, I recommend that you use the exact same compiler and library versions as your instructor.

It is surprisingly easy to write C++ code that works differently (or not at all) between systems and library versions. These problems are often artifacts of historical baggage, but sometimes they result from incorrect assumptions that are made in involved code.

You don't want to fight with unfamiliar portability issues while taking a test. Use the same tools as your instructor.

However, you don't need to completely ignore other tool-chains. In fact, using multiple compilers or multiple systems (especially with the warnings turned all the way up) is a great way to verify assumptions and troubleshoot problems.

For instance, when faced with an incomprehensible compiler error message, the first thing I do is use a different compiler. Very often, one of them will point straight to the issue. A big part of being an effective programmer is using all the tools available to you. Do this and you'll be informed of a good portion of the issues with your programs.
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It appears that the OP was copy-pasted from Reddit, found here:

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This reddit cross posting is becoming more common.

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No worries, @Ganado. I didn't mean to criticize any regular user for banning spam accounts. That's the right thing to do.

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Also, check out this thread:

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I can't understand why anyone would care enough to bother.

Not having a life motivates the trolls.
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