hello everybody. pls can anyone tell me where I can get materials that would help me to learn unix/Linux? Thanks.
Linux is a series of distributions. First choose a distribution and install it.

Then as you run into problems, check google to find people with the same problems. That will give you the commands you need to fix things.

Otherwise, just check this out:
elfico, can you be a bit more specific, what is it about unix/linux that you want to learn?
Thanx alot greywolf and stewbound.
I would like to install ubuntu.
I would also like to know if I can install it side by side my windows 7 or to install it on a different partition altogether.
You should be able to get the answers you seek at:
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You could always buy a Raspberry Pi computer for less than £30 learn on that. I have my RPi running headless connected directly into my router, you can then use SSH to login to the RPi and use Linux for whatever you want to do.


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