BSD Sockets documentation?

Is there somewhere online that has a listing of the functions and structs for BSD sockets API? I've been looking around and can't really find anything.
That MIT page is really the only thing I could find, and it doesn't seem to be complete. Also it's painful to read in that formatting.
We're programmers. We enjoy writing code, not documentation.
I agree, but I can't really start programming without some form of halfway decent documentation :(
I've been meaning to write a post on my blog about the BSD sockets API, maybe I'll get around to it later today.

Try this:

Beej wrote a very comprehensive and detailed tutorial on it. But his poll() section doesn't say anything about unlimited connections.

So you can check out, when you find out more about the BSD sockets API:

It's my tutorial in handling unlimited connections using poll() since select() can only hold 1024 file descriptors.
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Is this any use to you?
What you really, really want is a book, The book: UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, by Richard Stevens.

IMO you can't learn socket programming without spending $50. It's surprising, given that the Internet depends on it, how poor and confusing the online sources are.

The 3rd edition was just published recently. The second edition will be easy to find cheap and far, far better than any online resource.
... or Doug Comer's Internetworking with TCP/IP series. They describe the protocol completely, on the wire to using the sockets library.
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I used to refer to this when I was programming sockets...

Not sure if it'll be of any use or not. It's far from thorough documentation, but it may help.
I might pick up one of these books, they both look solid. Though the Richard Stevens one has some reviews that worry me. It seems to be that he writes his own custom wrapper functions around the standard API functions, and then just uses the wrapper? I'd prefer a book that teaches the core API, and not a wrapper around it. If I wanted that I could just use any old library out there.

@Grey Wolf,
This link has some nice info, especially in the page. The rest seems to just be theory behind networks (which I have plenty of).
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