Me-thinks: Windows...

I think that microsoft should redesign or augment MFC, WINAPI, etc. Because it is the most Ad hoc eyesore of an API i've ever seen, and not too well optimized. It would make windows development faster, and draw more users and developers to build libraries on top of it. I realize that removing it would remove all the accrued suppport, but they should come out at least with something like WinAPIEx or something. There are methods that take more than 5-6 parameters, unnamed variable arguments. The thing that saves it is the documentation online. Don't take it personally, I like using windows, its not fun to develop from nothing for it, though. Yes I realize that there are libraries that wrap it already and its also there for compatibility reasons.
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I fooled around with various *nix GUI libraries, and thought they were all rather inelegant compared to Windows. To me, the Windows API is a thing of tremendous intellectual beauty. The same can be said, for example, of calculus in mathematics. So, I guess I'd have to say, I fundamentally disagree with you.
lack of better alternatives then. It not bad once you know what things mean and can do the job, but it could be prettier and simpler to code with.
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