programming with gdi

Alright i know gui and gdi is two ompleatly different ways of programming but could one make a program with like check boxes and text with a gdi just as they could with a gui?
GUI means Graphical User Interface. That's a screen with images that the user manipulates (as opposed to text).

GDI is the Window graphics engine, Graphics Device Interface.

If you're on Windows, any standard GUI uses the GDI. So your question doesn't really make much sense.
alright well I mean I can find tutorials on GDI but ever keeps saying one is the subset of the other and I have to learn GUI first so is there a tutorial out there for GUI
Yea, lots of them. One of the most recommended by folks here is the Forger's Win32 Tutorial.
hm alright i checked it out and it looks really informative thank you
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