Is it really important to program window form on C #?

I am going to be a sophomore in IT and I want to study some of the necessary subjects for the industry myself, and I find that window form is good, but finding documents online is very little or not available. So it doesn't really matter or it's easy, so there's no need for documents or documents that people don't share. I hope everyone will help me and if there are documents that people can share, I thank you. Thank you everyone for reading
first, this is a c++ forum, which is a distant relative of c-pound but not close enough to give much advice. And second, you lost something in the translation there. I am trying to play guess the question … which is 'is c# good for windows gui programming?'. If that is the question the answer is yes, its pretty good at it, and it is not terribly difficult. There are tons of examples out there …
Microsoft would really like it if you wrote programs in C#, it is their own invented language.

Programming Windows Forms in C++ is equally possible.

Windows Forms isn't the only framework for creating apps for Windows. The old tried and true Win32 API is still available.
Try WPF, it's newer than Windows Forms and in my opinion is a nicer experience.
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