Help me!!!

i want to know how to write a program have a function same as "PE Infect or Ramnit-G Virus".
No, 3l173 h4ck3r of the future :)
PE Infections? People still do this? I thought the heuristics were all pretty well known by now. You need to update your techniques OP, don't bother learning methods that can be detected with a check-sum of the binary.
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yes, PE Infections. i need a example ?
is there a reason you're creating a virus?

No one is going to help you make somthing like that, lol.
@ IWishIKnew: That's not 100% true. We've helped people with non-destructive prank-ware in the past, some people have funny ideas. Also DLL and thread injection are fairly common topics here in the Windows forum that get answered pretty quickly. We're here to help people learn C\C++ and if their interest in this topic is being pest then that's their thing. I won't lie, this kind of crap is part of what kept my interest in this language when I was young and I found out how much work actually goes into making a video game.

I have two problems with the OP:

- They aren't putting any effort into this themselves. That tells me that they aren't interested in learning and they just want someone to hand them the code. I've seen Script Kiddie's put more effort into something.

- The specific technique they're asking about works most of it's magic in assembly which I know F All about.
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specific technique they're asking about works most of it's magic in assembly

Actually, I think you could make a decent PE prank virus without knowing dope about assembly. It's all just an algorithm in the end. Besides, what's the harm of makeing a program that constantly removes every icon off ur desktop no matter what you do? ;) LOL
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