Windows Programming - January 2018

Getting a pixel's coordinates
Is there any way to get the coordinates of a pixel using the standard console? I know this is possib...
[7 replies] Last: The Windows API does support reading mouse click location, just use th... (by closed account E0p9LyTq)
Getline with crlf line break
Does getline work with windows crlf line break?
[1 reply] : Sure (by Thomas1965)
Esc menu
I am currently doing a school project. we are allowed to anything as long as it meets the requiremen...
[2 replies] Last: Is there anyway to do this without pausing the program and asking the... (by mbozzi)
Button mouse over and leave events
I use Code::Blocks to create C++ softwares. I created a button: button = CreateWindow( TEXT("BU...
[2 replies] Last: And if you want those events pertaining to the button specifically, as... (by freddie1)
Check if aero is enabled
I need to check where windows aero is enabled or not. Can anyone help me with the syntax of DwmIsCom...
[2 replies] Last: If you are running Windows 8 or later DWM is always active, you can't ... (by closed account E0p9LyTq)
by sevic
Reading objects with string fields from file
How to read file like this: John; Michaels; USA; Nick; Davidson; France; into vector<Person> ...
[4 replies] Last: Shouldn't line 8 pass the Person by reference? Sure, silly mistake.... (by Thomas1965)
c file i/o vs c++ file i/o
In my program I want to record some keystrokes and send them to a file. When I use the "c" conventio...
[1 reply] : How does your WinMain look like? The definite guide to Windows program... (by Thomas1965)
telnet through winsock socket
im trying to do telnet command in server through client pc. ive read about it and people says i only...
[5 replies] Last: its not really possible to have only client and connect to the server... (by kbw)
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