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Lua c++ VS loading module (luasocket)
I have the issue explained here
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by toxic9
Compile Github app
Hi friends. I came here trying to find anyone who can help me out compiling a small windows applica...
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by Ganado
SEH vs SJLJ library compatibility
Am I correct in saying that if a GNU library file (libfoo.a) was compiled with a GCC compiler that u...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks. I've been trying to (on and off for the past week, after work)... (by Ganado)
Help Beginner
</h1>Windows Programming Beginner</h1> I started learning about <windows.h> some days ago.I follo...
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by Musna
I have a problem Could you guys give a look to my code because it prints me the same wo...
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by ermai
What is difference between win32 API SetParent function and createwindow with passed parent hwnd paramter?
In win32 API, we can set SetParent with one parent window , and CreateWindow with an "hWndParent" p...
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How we calculate the Frame count?
see these ideology: 0 - we get the start time; //on loop: 1 - we draw the things; 2 - we count the f...
[2 replies] Last: because i'm using directx and maybe i need avoid windows messages for ... (by Cambalinho)
cinder drawing in wrong place
im using the cinder library and im trying to be able to create points with titles in certain places ...
[1 reply] : i've solved my problem i had to many parentheses i made a simple mista... (by ReaperSoul)
Drawing in Dialog Box
Is it possible to draw on Dialog Box? I've tried using WM_PAINT to draw and INITDIALOG to draw and n...
[3 replies] Last: It's a simple mistake. You need to pass the handle of the dialog to Be... (by Thomas1965)
Use Win32_DiskDrive in Dev C++
Hello Everyone, I need to use Win32_DiskDrive to get disk info using Dev C++ 5.11, I have a done ...
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Please where can I find FEA Libraries native to MSVC?
Please I have searched online (google, deal.II, cmake and even the forum) (and I am st...
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how use IntersectRect()?
how can i use the IntersectRect() for i get the collision effect? bool Collision(RECT rect1, RECT ...
[2 replies] Last: i miss something on 'for': RECT rectPlayer{sprPlayer.x, sprPlayer.y, ... (by Cambalinho)
by ermai
How to use win32 API in windows form
May I use win32 API in when windows form development?For the example , I tend to use FindWindow in w...
[2 replies] Last: This works for me: // somewhere outside the form include <windows.h>... (by Thomas1965)
Could not open SQL
Hi! I detached the database, copied its two files testbase.mdf and testbase_log.ldf Removed everyth...
[1 reply] : Holla! -_- Yeah .... you are extremely hard to understand __)) where ... (by gq8710)
Please Need Help in Assignment As soon As possible
Write a program that counts number of prime numbers in an Array. The program must be able to use fun...
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by Ganado
Let msys2 configure find mingw gcc/g++
I have gcc.exe, g++.exe, make.exe, etc. in C:\MinGW\bin In the msys2 terminal, I can say PATH=$PAT...
[2 replies] Last: I guess that'll work. Will that affect compatibility with libraries th... (by Ganado)
Code Blocks 16.01: what is the compiler option for add the dll dependency?
what is the compiler options for i add the libstdc++-6.dll on exe?
[6 replies] Last: thank you so much. thanks to all and Merry Christmas (by Cambalinho)
problem with c++ function called from assembly
hello I'm new of this forum use visual c++ 2012 under windows 10. I've this error when compiling ...
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by asy
How do I solve this?
Write a complete C++ program to do the following: • Get three input from customer that identifies...
[1 reply] : Input from the user can be obtained by using std::cin See example in... (by Ganado)
Code Blocks 16.01: where is some header files?
i did the download of Code Blocks from their home page. and cames with mingw. but Vssym32.h isn't ...
[1 reply] : i have seen that the version with compiler GCC don't have some files. ... (by Cambalinho)
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