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[Error] expected unquailified-id before 'while'
I know, that there is already a topic discussing this error which says to take the while loop and pu...
[13 replies] Last: Try this @Claudia1969 I've sped it up by a factor of 60, or you are g... (by lastchance)
by ghopoz
recording c++ form with black screen
I don't want anyone should leak the paper by screen recording or by giving remote using so many fre...
[9 replies] Last: hah yea I remember the first time something tried to block me from tak... (by jonnin)
What are attributes used for in unit testing?
Hello guys, I'm discovering MS unit testing, so far by reading docs I learned about most of the stuf...
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by Thelps
How to create Modeless Dialog Box without using .rc file or resource.h?
Trying to create a Modeless Dialog Box without using the Resource file (.rc) or resource.h... User ...
[3 replies] Last: CreateDialog is used to create a dialog from a resource template. The ... (by andywestken)
Having separate volume control over multiple media sessions (Media Foundation)
Hello, I have a class that loads an audio file (wav/mp3) and play them, the class has IMFSimpleAudio...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot, that indeed worked! even though the docs don't explicit... (by malibor)
simon says
Hello! I need help for a program that I am developing, it is the famous game "simon says". my probl...
[3 replies] Last: It's not "simon says"; it's just "simon". (by dutch)
GetAsyncKeyState() after system("PAUSE")
I am looking for a way to wait for either an Escape or Return keypress and ignore all others. Escape...
[1 reply] : You can use _getch() in the conio.h library. It'll wait for user input... (by zapshe)
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