Using string function.

How do i reverse an inputted string but the last character of the string stays the same, say, inputted : "Hello12345" will return : "4321olleH5". Using cpp code.
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A reverse loop using string size.

for (int i = str.size(); i > 0; i --)
{cout << str[i];}
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How do i do it? I'm a beginner so i don't really understand the whole string function, char* and etc.
You have advanced from C to C++? Previous thread on reversal:

The "string" has documentation:
There is also a generic "reverse":
string is a type. it wraps the old char array / char * in a class and modernizes all the hands-on stuff into a safer, more OOP approach with handy stuff like assignment operators that were lacking before.

focus on learning this and ignore char* style strings. If you need to deal with legacy code that uses char*, you can study it later once you have a better understanding of everything else.

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