Introducing myself - A beginner, beginning.

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Greetings, I'm new to C++ also with a little history in cobol, and basic and C.

Some programs I have written just to learn things again
command line to add numbers from string
- Example: add 1 2 3 4
A alarm clock
A program to wait x minutes. - do this with little overhead
Verify a date is between 1900 and 2099
Calculate the time between 2 dates
A menu program
Read/write txt files
Search txt file for 2 strings vs just one
Get current time
Shuffle a deck of cards
A number guessing game

I'm a windows user now so some of the things you can do in unix easy I'm trying to learn how to do in windows. one such project I haven't gotten to yet is writing a cal windows version.

Anyway, I use this site a LOT, see ya around.
I will advise you start a new thread as things are getting a bit muddled on this thread already.
have you discovered the bunny challenge yet?

The What?

also dont rush onto an api theres a bit more to go i think

Sure. I get that. I want to get the basics down with console programs. I really am the noob of beginners with this.

I will advise you start a new thread as things are getting a bit muddled on this thread already.

Done. Just Commenting my code ready to post.

Just want to say THANKYOU everyone for the welcome.
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yes the bunny challenge, i got fed up with failure so spent ages trying to get an API to do more fun things but the i realized that although i could copy the tutorials, even play around with stuff i actually wanted to understand what i was doing, this is still beyond me i cannot really completly grasp pointers and linked lists keys itorators maps are beyond my concentration for now


variables, data types, and numerical operators
basic input/output
logic (if statements, switch statements)
loops (for, while, do-while)
pseudo random number generation
strings & string functions
enumerated data
file input/output
linked lists
advanced classes

Write a program that creates a linked list of bunny objects.
Each bunny object must have
Sex: Male, Female (random at creation 50/50)
color: white, brown, black, spotted
age : 0-10 (years old)
Name : randomly chosen at creation from a list of bunny names.
radioactive_mutant_vampire_bunny: true/false (decided at time of bunny creation 2% chance of true)

At program initialization 5 bunnies must be created and given random colors.
Each turn afterwards the bunnies age 1 year.
So long as there is at least one male age 2 or older, for each female bunny in the list age 2 or older;
a new bunny is created each turn. (i.e. if there was 1 adult male and 3 adult female bunnies, three new bunnies would be born each turn)
New bunnies born should be the same color as their mother.
If a bunny becomes older than 10 years old, it dies.
If a radioactive mutant vampire bunny is born then each turn it will change exactly one non radioactive bunny into a radioactive vampire bunny.
(if there are two radioactive mutant vampire bunnies two bunnies will be changed each turn and so on...)
Radioactive vampire bunnies are excluded from regular breeding and do not count as adult bunnies.
Radioactive vampire bunnies do not die until they reach age 50.
The program should print a list of all the bunnies in the colony each turn along w/ all the bunnies details, sorted by age.
The program should also output each turns events such as
"Bunny Thumper was born!
Bunny Fufu was born!
Radioactive Mutant Vampire Bunny Darth Maul was born!
Bunny Julius Caesar died!
The program should write all screen output to a file.
When all the bunnies have died the program terminates.
If the bunny population exceeds 1000 a food shortage must occur killing exactly half of the bunnies (randomly chosen)

★ Modify the program to run in real time, with each turn lasting 2 seconds, and a one second pause between each announement.

★★ Allow the user to hit the 'k' key to initiate a mass rabit cull! which causes half of all the rabits to be killed (randomly chosen).

★★★★ Modify the program to place the rabits in an 80x80 grid. Have the rabits move one space each turn randomly.
Mark juvenile males with m, adult males w/ M,
juvenile females w/ f, adult femails w/ F
radioactive mutant vampire bunnies with X

Modify the program so that radioactive mutant vampire bunnies only convert bunnies that end a turn on an adjacent square.
Modify the program so that new babies are born in an empty random adjacent square next to the mother bunny. (if no empty square exits then the baby bunny isn't born)

★★★★★ Modify the program so that it saves each turn to a file and can play back at accelearted speed all subsequent turns.

If you want to discuss something different, start your own thread - don't hijack the OP's thread.

I am not trying to be really strict or anything - I have done it too in the past. Just trying to politely point out the normal way of doing things.

Hope all goes well.
no that was the bunny challenge digitalwarfare wanted to know...its relevent i think to a beginner beginning as its a beginner challenge

same goes for mr adams...hes introducing himself too.

devonrevenge wrote:
no that was the bunny challenge digitalwarfare wanted to know...

Not really.

digitalwarfare wrote:
The What?

devonrevenge wrote:
its relevent i think to a beginner beginning as its a beginner challenge

But you started the idea of the bunny challenge yourself. If you want to do that, that's fine, but start your own thread - don't pollute the OP's thread with a whole lot of stuff, that he may not have any interest in at all.

devonrevenge wrote:
same goes for mr adams...hes introducing himself too.

Yes, but don't do it here - start a new thread in the Lounge.
kay, sry
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